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  • dcvabanker dcvabanker May 2, 2005 6:17 PM Flag

    Days are numbered

    American Banker
    "US Bancorp files $10b Shelf Registration"

    U.S. Bancorp filed to sell up to $10 billion in mixed securities from time to time, according to a Form S-3 filed Monday with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

    Could be an interesting Memorial Day weekend.

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    • Still,

      Congratulations,lots of people Still don't understand that you can make money trading stocks within their price ranges. It sure makes for good investment returns and sometimes if you play it right you can collect the dividends too.

      A good friend of mine traded the same stock a couple of years ago at least 12 times within an eighteen month period and made good returns each time.

      It is hard to argue about what is smart investing with someone who has his profits and they are in the bank.

      Hope your day goes well.


    • Hey Jimmy, guess what this ole bum did yest at 40.72, and for the 2nd time in less than a year! Fan, if you see and old fart with 2 swelled toes again, you'll know it's me.

    • buy high,

      This is from your message #10803 "I'm also not like anyone who spends countless hours posting how he bought at a 5 year high and is still bummed over it (don't know who that might be, do you?).

      If you are referring to me who you can't get to quit posting. You are wrong as usual on at least three points. Consider the following facts.
      1) I have NEVER EVER said that I personally bought this stock at any five year high.
      2)I would not classify myself as a bum or bummed out. Probably much closer to what Stil says he is than being a bum or bummed out.
      3)You have just proved that you can't count as now the figure is 6 plus years. The figure I've been using is if you bought this stock 12/31/1998 end of day price was $40.31.

      Do you really expect anyone to believe your posts when you can't even check a date and get the number of years correct.

      Yours for better investing,


    • I'm probably not as smart as you, DCVA Banker, wow a banker in two states.... but dumb old me thought banks bought other banks using stock...????? So what de hell does a $10B shelf offering have to do with BBT being bought? I would think someone as knowledgeable as you knows that shelf proceeds are used for regular business purposes......

      Oh, also, it's late so don't lower yourself to point out errors in grammer or spelling...

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      • Yes actually a shelf registration can be a precursor to an acquisition - or just about any other corporate activity. Since most corporation's like to have a registration on the shelf so they can have immediate access to cash if needed for some opportunity either in the near term or several years away it is probably not too meaningful to get excited about any particular shelf registration.

        Might point out also that most acquisitions today are made for a combination of stock and cash. An all stock transaction is no longer as popular as it was a few years ago since the change in accounting for purchase/pooling methods in a transaction. Furthermore, even in those cases where an acquisition is for all stock (or mostly stock) the acquiror frequently announces a stock repurchase program in conjunction with the acquisition in order to reduce some of the dilution that occurs with a stock transaction. This is particularly true for most bank acquisitions in the past several years - indeed BB&T has used this in some of their acquisitions.

      • Indeed a shelf registration can be a precursor to an acquisition or almost anything else a corporation may need today or within several years of filing. Usually not meaningful enough to get all worked up about in the short term since corporations like to have a registration on the shelf at all times just to be ready in case they want to do something fast if some opportunity should come up.

        Might point out also that most acquistions are made these days for a combination of stock and cash so access to quick cash via a shelf registration is useful. Even in those situations where an offer is being made in all stock, the acquiror frequently will announce a stock repurchase program in conjunction with the acquisition in order to remove some of the dilution incurred from the newly issued shares (thus the need for cash). In fact BB&T has done just that in several of its past acquisitions as have most large bank holding companies.

      • One more thing "official"

        Far be it from me not to offer supporting documentation on shelf registrations and their many uses.

        Here is a recent shelf registration article regarding Broadcom:

        "The shelf registration statement will, once declared effective by the Securities and Exchange Commission, enable Broadcom to issue up to 30 million shares of its Class A common stock in one or more acquisition transactions that the Company may make from time to time. These transactions may include the acquisition of assets, businesses or securities, whether by purchase, merger or any other form of business combination.

        All the best.

      • Lex....allow me one more post to answer this ridiculous post which doesn't even warrant a response, but I will give one to satisfy those who say there is nothing valuable on this board.


        For starters, acquisitions are made with cash, stock, or a combination of both. Market cap is the determinent as to the ability of one institution to buy another.

        Shelf offerings simply allow institutions to get access to capital within a matter of days in order to deal with such issues as working capital, debt repayment, balance-sheet restructuring, and yes, acquisitions. Take some time to do some research. You could have saved yourself some time by not posting your ridiculous message had you done research in advance.

        Ok, I'm really done posting now.

    • Yeah, well they can't buy BB & T. Huntington is a more likely target given their recent problems. They are under some sort of OCC supervision. I don't follow the company that closely but have a friend that works there. You are smarter than that, aren't you dcvabanker?

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      • Actually, HBAN is on the block. They have been fined and their executive management ordered to return bonuses granted last year.

        High liklihood that HBAN will be purchased. And, NO, USB isn't more likely to buy HBAN than BBT.

        USB wants to expand to markets better than that of Minn., Ind, KY, etc, etc, etc.

        The Southeast reprensents a large opportunity for a bank like USB. HBAN simply fills in the markets that they do business in.

        So, to answer your question, I am smarter than you say. I don't see you offering anything up as to why USB can't purchase BBT. I don't see you offering an explanation as to why HBAN would be better.

        Oh, and one other thing. You state, with such clarity I might add, that USB, "...can't buy BB&T." Oh really?

        USB Market Cap - $54b
        BBT Market Cap - $21b

        Couple that with a $10b shelf offering and you have yourself a purchase my friend.

        Class Dismissed.

    • Based on this message and your previous "stinky stuff" you are very negative on BB&T. Why? If you are unhappy then move on to greener pastures.

      This is not intended as a personal attack. Please give this some thought and respond with something meaningful.

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      • The only "stinky stuff" on this board is your memory.

        Read my previous posts. You would find:

        1) I used to work at BBT and enjoyed it
        2) I'm on record as saying it was a very good company. Still may be a good company, but from what I'm told by some 15 people (all FCL's), the place is sinking fast.
        3) I could care less what happens to BBT. I own it, have always owned it, I still buy it.

        This isn't about being unhappy. It's about owning 15 other regional bank stocks over the past 10 years and looking at BBT and seeing little to no growth relative to the others over the past 5 years.

        My post about US Bank is about as meaningful as you can get. The facts are BBT has been rumored to be on the block for some time now. US Bank has been the talked about suitor. Therefore, I share with this board that USB files for a $10b shelf offering.

        Now, if that's not meaningful and laced with substance, than I don't know what is. Tell me, what are your meaningful and insightful comments. Haven't ever seen you on this board.

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