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  • Fan,

    My reply was to this message which has incorrect figures which your post proves.

    "it SPLIT on 8/4/98 @ about $40 (+ or -)...2 for 1. So it goes to $20 (+ or -) by definition...and design, then through 9/11, and horrendous market years after that. So, six years later its back @ $40 and I have twice as much. Sorry, I don't have my HP 12C with me, but if I had 100 shares on 8/3/98 worth $4000, on 8/4/98 I have 200 worth $4000. Today I have 200 worth $8,000 without lifting a finger - oh, and not accounting for dividend reinvestment. Not bad. Kinda like getting an eagle on a long par 5. I do that about once every six years too."

    You posted:"Fact: BB&T closed @ 35.125 on 312,00 shares the day of the 100% stock dividend; i.e. was trading at 70 presplit. Closed the year @ 40.313."

    The time frame we originally discussed was 1998 until present. Not sure where you came up with the dates you posted as they was not mentioned previously. So if BBT finished at $40.313 end of year 1998 and today at $39.74 what was the six plus year return?

    Just know you'll post for all of us to see as you did the figures on your post 10322.


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    • OK Jim, I'll make this simple for you. You continually bitch about the five year performance since 1998. My post pointed out the five year performance 1994-1998 taken from the 1998 Annual Report. Even you would find it hard to knock 36% total return

      Just facts, no bloviating!

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      • buy_high_sell_low_dot_com buy_high_sell_low_dot_com Feb 18, 2005 12:33 PM Flag

        Fan, to take jim's side (gasp!), I'm not sure what the 5-year performance prior to 1998 has to do with his point of 1998 performance to current. Granted, it appears that he is taking the high points and trying to make a case (I'm assuming his case is that he bought at the peak in 1998 and didn't DCA over the last 5 years.) but his point is valid.

        Oops! Almost forgot to go back and 'rec' his posts!

      • Fan,

        I do indeed understand what you are saying and how stop loss investing works. You have repeatedly inferred that you are a smart and knowing investor and have that kind of knowledge. Now you say that you have only bought BBT and do that on strictly stock stop loss computer trading at prices which are now history. Anyone could make that general statement and it shows nothing.

        My point is that I didn't just say I make a lot of money in the market which is a general statement as you have made. I posted exactly the stocks bought, the date bought and the price paid for all to see. What you have posted does not contain those specifics. End of discussion.

        Anyone can post XYZ stock is at $50 today so I computer trade and buy it at $35 and sell it at $50.

        Oh, you forgot to post the shareholder return, in case you forgot this was the question "So if BBT finished at $40.313 end of year 1998 and today at $39.74 what was the six plus year return?"


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