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  • stillginyit stillginyit May 18, 2005 1:12 PM Flag

    My toes are swelling again

    BB&T Capital Markets ranked eighth in annual survey - for dc and jim and their new trainees

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    • I rest my case, however, you left out, you will continue to be wrong!

    • Not only read it, but has read your subsequent posts and has come to the determination that you certainly don't have a law degree.

      In fact, I think her response to me was, "He should spend less time trying to interpret securities law and more time coming up with something meaningful to post."

    • DC, has your sister read your post?


    • Let's see DC,
      Your post 10913 gives very detailed specific numbers then says "You guys want meaningful, real, factual answers ........there it is. I challenge Fan, Stil or anyone else to challenge these statistics and market information."

      No mention of "guesstimates or ballpark guessing" or "I'm not posting anything other than opinion and educated guesswork" which shows up in your post #10928. Do I detect some sqirming and backpeddling?
      If 10913 was guesswork why didn't you say so in the post instead of insinuating you had sources in high places.

      And where does the American Banker comment come from? I've never mentioned the paper in my 7 years on this board.

      Again unless you can back up the numbers you claim as facts in 10913 from public bank documents, I think you'd find it instructive to let you lawyer give you his opinion on your 10913 - IMHO.


    • Jim, you got it.

      I agree, this board has hit rock bottom.

      You post your opinion and you get mauled for lack of intelligence and lack of insight.

      You then post something with insight and educated opinion and you get mauled by someone who thinks it is made up or illegal.

      You try to help readers thru by at least briefly mentioning that your not an idiot posting and that you actually are educated and have worked for the company and you get chastised.

      The best part about Fan's post, or intimidation, is that my sister is a litigation attorney in DC working on securities law. My previous post in question was about as illegal as going on a green light...and I've provided several posts since to prove that.

    • I guess if all else fails, try an attempt to threaten or intimidate.

      Hope this was not the intent of the post to which this reply is posted.

    • I may be posting more than I work, but I have a better picture of you:

      You spending your years in retirement responding to my opinion posts.

      who needs golf, beach houses, visits with grandkids and world travel. I'll take reading Yahoo message boards and responding to a bunch of opinion givers when I'm in retirement.

      Can't wait till 65!

    • I can't take this anymore.

      No kidding moron. I worked for him. I can't have this conversation anymore. It's mind numbing.

      You said the enima got rid of the waste. I was simply letting you know that you are directly criticizing the current head of the banking network of the company you swear by.

      Go to bed. You'll feel better in the morning.

    • I just laugh at him for the hell of it. Can you picture him sitting at his console posting in here more than he works, and wondering where his next job will be after this one plays out.

    • "...your post includes the current President of BBT's Banking Network and Kelly King's successor who went from DC Metro GROUP President to fill Kelly King's job.

      That's Ricky Brown, genius, not Bob Pincus.

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