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  • rwmgn rwmgn Jun 24, 2005 11:06 AM Flag

    Second Qtr. Conference Call

    Any predictions on how second quarter will come out?


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    • For someone who has no dog in this fight, you sure do a lot of barking.

    • Ok Stil. Maybe in 15 years when you are 80, you will act like an 80 year old retiree and not a 6 year old.

      Alright, onto the actual point of this board.

      What happens if BBT has a "below estimate" quarter? Do they buy again? Can they buy again?

    • While yer up get me a beer

    • Let me start by saying that if you truly are in your mid-60's as you have claimed in the past, then you are one pathetic person for sitting on posting boards and picking not only verbal fights, but also challenging people who you claim you can outlast. Very sad.

      Thank you for pointing out my previous posts. In fact, I would like to thank you for helping to support my point.

      That point is: Stop posting. You are a time waster and someone who has nothing intelligent to say.

      To anyone who would like to see Stil leave this board, I draw your attention to my posts which Stil has so nicely laid out:

      11057, 11079, 11108, 11112, and 11138

      Isn't it funny that each and every post was directed at you for your worthless posts? You're not too quick on the take, are you?

      Simple math Stil:

      Stop posting = I will stop posting about your worthless posts.

      Did you sell BBT today? It did hit $40 you know.

    • My my, I must have hit a nerve. You were wrong whether or not you were responding to another. What you think of me is immaterial. But ya know I do come to learn, and I learn from Fan. We both learned long ago not to listen to brilliance such as yours. But just for the heck of it I went to your messages 11057, 11079, 11108, 11112, and 11138. I had to don my sunglasses at the shear shining brilliant
      opinions. I now will refer to them each time I buy or sell. Btw in the time it took you to post this I snagged $203.12 from a penny stock called ALTI. Not bad for a one day deal. Well by golly I guess you know the beers on me at the neighbors garage tonight. He's buying the Q from his $178.47 gain. Sure we all have opinions and a butt, mine is quite satisfied on both counts. As you know I left out pasting part of your post. Wonder why? Its quite obvious you don't know more. or you wouldn,t spend most of your time attacking someone who is making money while you whine. If you even remotely think you can outlast me boy, get a grip. If you have one that is.

    • Stil-

      I used to think you were somewhat intelligent, although your post quoting me shows your complete lack of common sense, intelligence, credibility, etc.

      Yes that was my quote. I WAS RESPONDING TO A QUESTION POSED BY ANOTHER POSTER ASKING PEOPLES OPINION. You know what opinions are, don't you?

      They are the things you seem to have no shortage of. While you are talking about getting beer, swelling toes, and all the other nonsensical things you post, others, such as me, are actually trying to have real discussion about the subject of this board.

      Did I claim to know more, or am I just answering a question? You say I join the list of those who know more? WHAT? You must be kidding, or at the very least you are drunk from the beer you talk about.

      If anyone should be accused of acting like they know more than anyone else, it is you and your buddy Fan.


      Do everyone on this board a favor. Find another bank, post on their board, and leave this board to folks with intelligence. I don't want to hear your dumb, southern BBQ stories, or your "gimp-like" support of Fan. Enough already.

      By the way, BBT hit $40 today. Shouldn't you be busy selling again instead of posting on this board.

      For more intelligent posting,

    • "They will miss by a penny.I just don't see why this quarter will be any different from the past 20 quarters in terms of stock price appreciation, etc.Good luck,

      Well I guess ole dog joins the growing list of those who know more.

    • They will miss by a penny.

      Lower net interest income
      Flat non-interest income
      lackluster loan growth
      Better than expected credit quality

      Ho-Hum report, followed by flurry of call options at $45 for August.

      I just don't see why this quarter will be any different from the past 20 quarters in terms of stock price appreciation, etc.

      Good luck,

    • I'm betting they'll make the concensus .75.


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