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  • bowtieoneon bowtieoneon Jul 23, 2005 10:44 AM Flag

    I Know who Jim Is

    Now, don't get me wrong...I LOVE beng an owner of BBT and divies just paid for a fantastic vacation...

    But I think Jim is JA's alter ego, with that mouse story. Philosophy at its finest.

    Here is a more pertinant story: Be aware that women are attracted to different men depending on where they are in the menstrual cycle. If she is ovulating, she is attracted to men with rugged and masculine features. However, if she is menstruating or menopausal, she tends to be more attracted to a man with scissors lodged in his temple and a bat jammed up his ass while he is on fire.

    Perhaps that's the problem some of us on this board have.
    Not long ago I posted some questions that not many answered. Noteably absent were the folks more negative on BBT. So here's another go at it:

    Jim and No Dog and other,

    I'd be interested in your view of the stock price over the next 3 year and what was the expectation when you bought?

    Do you think the bank will ultimately be sold? Any guess as to who ends up with the franchise?

    Who whould you like to see buy the bank?

    What do you think/or should be BBT's next expansion?

    Your for better everything and with Best Regards,

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    • Well Butt, it feels pretty damn good. A long time ago a wise old man told me when you think you know it all, you run into someone who actually does. I was lucky, I did run into him and took his advice. Now in another recent post I admitted I was wrong. More advice he gave me. It is impossible to see every point of view as there are billions of them. Putting credence into each would take all my time, thus keeping me from making money. Like Rush, I am right in the high 90%. So if you think you are right go with it. If you turn out to be wrong learn from it and dont forget it. Soon you will notice you are right the majority of the time. The problem most have is in admitting wrong. I predict that you could be right more often if you apply that simple principle. It's obvious to me that some in here already have, but also that most haven't. Good luck to ya Butt. Remember this, if one hates you thats not worth worrying about and it's out of your control. Can you make money worrying about hate? Maybe, if you write a successful book about it.

    • Stil, what does it feel like to always be right? I sure wish that I was always right and couldn't see another point of view. Life would be much simpler and I wouldn't spend so much time thinking.

    • Jimmie, my saying that Cash is an employee may or may not be accurate. I made that assumption due to his/her accuracy in posting. BBandT looks for folks like that. I do not know Cash, but if I did I would highly recommend him/her. Sorry for that booboo on my part.

    • Ifit,
      Would you buy the proposition that management of any business has resposibilty and control of asset quality and earnings; but the market, not management controls the stock price? (and some who try to manipulate stock price end up like Bernie Ebbers).
      You are correct about the potential expensing of options.


    • Dog,
      Your math question to me simply restated my point, just in a more sarcastic way.

      Bailing would have been selling a few years ago when BBT was stuck in a ditch and everything else seemed like a quick profit.

      This is what you said that elicited my response:

      "If you hold BBT, this seems a pretty clear indication that these guys are bailing when the getting is good. Granted they probably need to exercise within 10 years of the grant (2006), but talk about classic."

      Classic...they held for 9.5 years. Hell, it was probably as simple as a tax issue.

      You just got caught in a little exuberent BBT bashing without a leg to stand on to make your point and are defending your position with nothing better that insults.

      I stand by my original post and won't be attending you reading class or your logic class, if invited. But I appreciate you thinking of me.

      Best Regards,

    • "You are cordially invited to a reading class this Thursday at the HQ of BB&T in Fairfax. At this session you will learn how to accurately read other postings."

      I heard nodog reserved his spot.

    • Tough math question for you bowtie.

      You need to start with an assumption though. Lets assume the guys running BBT believe in the company, and back in 1996, thought the stock could at some point break out of the 30's.

      Still with me?

      Should they:

      A) Exercise their options 4 years short of their expiration date at a price of $30.

      B) Be a loyal company patron and HOLD their options for an additional 4 years assuming they will get growth beyond $40 (30% more than "A")

      This is a tough one. Let me know if you need help with it.

    • Stil, bowtieoneone, knox, Fan, et al:

      You are cordially invited to a reading class this Thursday at the HQ of BB&T in Fairfax. At this session you will learn how to accurately read other postings.

      Please RSVP.


    • Prove that I'm wrong.

      I'll be waiting lil brain

    • Dog,
      Bailing??? To exercise an option 8 to 42? +/-
      Bailing would have been exercising a few years ago when the stock was stuck and putting it in some tech timebomb.

      Prudent, is a better word I'd say.

      Best Regards,

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