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  • nodoginthisfight2005 nodoginthisfight2005 Jul 27, 2005 7:42 AM Flag



    Did you piss off you dearly beloved BBTFan?

    Are you ok? The withdraw must be tough to take.

    You haven't been able to pipe-in after a Fan post in some time.

    Are you hiding him in your basement again.


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    • buy_high_sell_low_dot_com buy_high_sell_low_dot_com Jul 29, 2005 12:33 PM Flag

      Please guys...enough! Who cares? If you're happy with your portfolio, that's all that matters. Get over the "Mine grows faster than yours" attitude. Get back to dissing/praising management....

      On that subject, it appears that one group is complaining about how mgmt shouldn't get a bonus if the stock doesn't rise equal to or greater than their peers. Or, in other words, they're saying if mgmt doesn't manipulate the stock price, they shouldn't get a bonus. Basically that's what they're saying. Guys, I hate to tell you this, but stocks just don't go up in a nice straight line along with EPS. Look at Capital One. That stock took a pounding for a couple years, even though they were growing earnings in the double-digit percent. Finally though, someone realized the stock had value and bid it up. That's how you make some real money. Not saying that BB&T is the same way, but just pointing out that nothing is just like the textbook says.

    • Jimmie, Jimmie, talk about silly. Good grief man, you grow more confused with each post. Please please please, any balance statement you have with any increase would be pennies against mine. Thus I would not waste my time comparing you against me. Please do, you and lil doggie, start a service, prove me wrong. I plan to live to 100, so you have mucho time.

    • Silly Stillie,

      Once again I have proven that you just do not post the truth. All I have to do is just show any balance statement of mine that has any increase and you have once again posted something that is untrue. Just thought I would at least give you a chance at something and that was the reason for the bet offer.

      Your quote was the following:
      "so you and Jimmie should follow your own advice, start an Investment Service, and Fan and I will watch you grow! NOT!"

      So one more time you have let your mouth override common sense and what you know to be true.

      I see you haven't changed form, as usual when caught in an lie, just try to change the subject and spout our more lies to cover the previous ones.

      Your quote " you couldn't match me on anything any day" has got to be the most stupid statement that anyone has ever been able to make. Can't believe anyone with any sense at all would make should a really stupid statement.


    • Jimmie, Jimmie, I don't play with small things or numbers, and I don't need statements to know my holdings/gains. You speak of the 90s as long term. I've got socks older than that, and I speak of the 60s. You couldn't match me on anything on anyday, much less a bet. I really would like to play with you, but you must make it really interesting. I'll await your final offer. Keep this in mind, your mouth has offered quite a few pieces of prediction and doom and gloom. None has come to pass. None ever will.

    • Baby Stillie,

      OK, put up or shut up. You stated in post 11370 that I couldn't grow an investment. Well, I just happen to have an account that no
      outside cash has been added to since the 90's.I just happen to have all the statements.

      Tell you what how would you like to bet some real money not just a case of beer that my account has done much better than your long term holding of BBT since 12/31/1998. We'll march dollar for dollar the original investment on 12/31/1998. Remember each of us made the decision to do what we did with our investment on this date. We could have left it as it was or invested it in something else.

      You have once again let your mouth override the truth and what you don't know.


    • BB&T didn't counteroffer. They fired you, you pathetic jerk. Go lick yourself, little doggie.

    • Au contrair doggie; Cash's desciption of options is right on the pun intended. And I know just enough about'em to know he's right which is why I do agree with him.


    • BBT Hired Me
      BBT Counteroffered me when I resigned
      I'm doing very well now and happy as can be

      So, do I make sense?
      Do I make great decisions?
      Am I successful?

      You really are an idiot, aren't you.

    • Lil Doggie, not only does Cash make sense, he makes great decisions, which is why BBandT hired him, and since Fan agrees with him, so do I, because both are very successful, and it seems you aren't, and you can't be happy where you are, so you and Jimmie should follow your own advice, start an Investment Service, and Fan and I will watch you grow! NOT!

    • Lil Doggie, axe him

      • 1 Reply to stillginyit
      • Getting caught up from vacation and still have a ways to go. Listened to the earnings webcast at the beach and thought it was a good session, new CFO never missed a beat with his command of the financials. (It's available through tomorrow for those interested in the facts of the quarter and YTD and analysts Q&A).
        Loans up 10%, deposits up 8%, non-interest income less mortgages up 13% and credit quality continued to improve, with a .03/share dividend increase next Monday the icing on the cake sounds pretty good to me.

        The stock hit my limit order sell-some target of 43 last Wednesday during my nap which was nice. My financial advisor frowns at my overweight position, but I'm paying the fees and enjoying the dividends and planning to let the kids and grandkids inherit at a stepped up basis. May reevaluate this strategy 9 years from now depending on who suceeds JAA. But for now, happy with the report and the dividends.

        Stay out of this heat!

        Fan, fanning

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