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  • good_with_the_fish_hook good_with_the_fish_hook Oct 21, 2005 10:22 AM Flag


    Now that the 3 year presence in Northern Virginia that BB&T agreed to at merger time is almost up, I am not at all surprised that they are closing operations at that location. Good financial plan and also in step with the ethical and moral business plan that BB&T has shown in the past. Another 225 employees will most likely be severed, or at a minimum have their lives disrupted. Also, I wonder why the "powers-that-be" at BB&T have not told people about the two new single level buildings that they are having built on their property in Frederick Maryland? The buildings look to be operational in nature and should be complete within a few months. Think it has something to do with F.C. operations closing?

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    • We in FC Ops have always thought the buildings being built in MD would be an operations center. It will most likely happen if BB&T buys a MD bank.

    • I wouldn't be surprised. I guess those 'bible toting christian bankers' couldn't resist a good profit after all.

      Makes my stomach hurt to think about the 'prayer/business meetings' we heard about were actually a joke on us.

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      • finally sounds like people are starting to get it!!! I like the past 5 posts. Very accurate.

        I wouldn't give two craps about this bank and board if it wasn't for the kool aid drinkers that still exist.

        The rest of us need to make sure that fan and stil's propoganda isn't believed by the masses.

        This bank fell apart after FVB. They are bible toting, inbreds, with an industry that has simply passed them by.

        Time to sell and get some value for shareholders for the first time in 6 years.

    • theoldbankeroflongago theoldbankeroflongago Oct 23, 2005 12:57 PM Flag

      I see that some of what I said a long time ago, the big boys take care of the big boys. We as little stock holders are of no concern to the major stock holders, JA, other top officials, Board of Directors, etc. They do what they want, all the time insuring they get theirs.
      I guess we just pray that a few crumbs drop down to us to keep our heads above water. The big boys always take care of the big boys one way or another such as by bonuses, options, excessive salaries, etc. The price of the stock does not have to sky rocket for them to profit greatly.

    • What you STIL don't get, is that I have no need to spin. I don't fight the system, I make money from it. I have been a shareholder for 40 years and have made money for 40 years. I have long term holdings, I buy low and sell high, and spend my dividends. I have shares bought at the last $36 low, and will sell at the next high. I don't make the rules, or have any power over them other than to use my head, and above all I don't whine about that which I have no power over. BBandT is not the first nor last company to buy another and see that some folks lose a job. It's called business folks. I have no control over that either. There are no guarantees in life. What you do with yours is no concern for me. I don't recall any of you worrying about me, and I doubt that any of you are currently worrying about any airline employee for example, or those in textile or agriculture. Business is business, get in it, or get out of it.

    • I just don't think you get it - there are two big problems here: 1) When difficult business decisions are made for the benefit of shareholders, shareholders are supposed to benefit - the price of slash and burn was too high for the pitiful gains reaped. 2) The hypocrosy - when JA spoke to the officers and employees of FVB he simply lied out of one side of his mouth while spouting moral platitudes out of the other - it leaves a bad taste.

    • I would agree that those two buildings in Falls Church will be sold if they haven't been already particularly if few BB&T employees will continue to work there after the layoffs. There is no reason to keep those buildings and the price of commercial real estate in the area is strong.

    • I don't think you get it! I don't have a problem, you seem to. I'm a shareholder, I benefit routinely. BBandT offered a price for that company, and it was accepted by it's officers and board. What you heard from it's officers and board may not be what was heard in the boardroom. If that company were so successful, it wouldn't have been up for sale. If there weren't potential cost cutting measures, BBandT wouldn't have offered a price. If those officers were so smart, they would have turned down the offer don't you think? Perhaps you should look at the parachutes of the officers and board there, and see if they in fact were looking out for their own employees. There are no guarantees in life blue, and bidness is bidness. It's a done deal, get over it.

    • I get your point but when will the next "high" be and how will you know when it happens? Just think of how much more could have been made by investing this money in G.E., etc. a few years ago. I did both and made substantially more from G.E. and, in their day, high tech stocks.

    • My guess is no better than yours, in my case maybe it's just been luck. Information, research, listening to what others say, and sometimes I just get the feeling it's time. Most of the time I'm within a few cents either way, so I consider that success. I agree with you on GE, never got there, but I do have long terms in a few others. I stayed away from techs, and have been rather good in pennys. One thing I do a lot of is plug in the recommends from the talking heads on tv and track them daily along with those I pick myself. I have found the talking heads to be failures most of the time after the initial bump. Examples are SunW and Sirius so far. Good luck with the fishing Mr Hook, I miss those old days. Gotta run now a neighbor lady can't get her garage door down.

    • You know what? We just don't agree do we do we. You are just like Allison and his honchos. You don't give a damn about anyone but the ole mighty dollar. Why don't you get off this board and go count your money scrooge!

      Meanwhile, I will try to help those in need including airline, textile and agriculture employees. But you are right about one thing, I won't worry about you, you'll take care of yourself over anyone else, that for sure.

      I feel sorry for you.

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