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  • capttrips25 capttrips25 Feb 24, 2006 11:04 AM Flag

    BB&T, incompetent banking establishment

    This stinking bank sucks!
    We have and estate account with substantial funds in it. We were told that we would be able to access the funds to pay funeral cost and other necessary bills Wednesday. WRONG! They kept us waiting and eventually told us the funds wouldn�t be available until Friday (Today). WRONG! They now tell us that the funds will not be available until the 7th of next month.

    So you invest in and incompetent rude banking establishment. Now I must spread the news all over the web and put a big ass sign on my truck and park outside of the BB&T banks in my area telling people that their money is being handled by idiots.

    I will make sure that as many potential customers know how they will be treated if they bank with BB&T with hopes of driving BB&T out of south west Virginia.


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    • If you are looking for a better banking relationship in VA, I would highly recommend the bank that has #1 customer service-Wachovia. (WB)

    • That was your upper lip cea, and for whining you own the patent. Get from under your pickup, go in the trailer, look in the mirror, and you will see the feathers on your lip, ass feathers of course.

    • I do ALL three thank you. Stock holders and non-stockholders alike should expect and be entitled to reasonable and even superior service. Shoving juniors thru the gristmill and alienating older and more valuable employees for the sake of making money is the wrong way to accomplish that end. Smart consumers leave for greener pastures which is what I did. I've owned stock in FVB for years. Now that suckass BBT owns it, I am waiting to sell at the best time for me. It doesn't mean I support this bank because I don't.

    • Stil, you been to North Georgia recently? There's a heavy odor of chicken $hit in Gainsville and it reminded me of you and your scent.

      For all the whiners who don't like the kids running their neighborhood branches- the Ickey Shuffle will begin on Tuesday when the annual bonus pays out. Decent managers will leave for other banks, the bad managers will be "promoted" to the best and most profitable branches, and a new crop of BB&T's pride and joy will filter into management fresh out of the MDP program with 0 management experience, 0 production experience, and six months of ego incubating in Winston. You'll probably have a different manager within the next few months, so relax... MDP's to the rescue...

      The same applies to the commercial side... If you have a BB&T guy that you feel strongly about, let his manager, and his manager's manager know about it, and hold that manager accountable for making sure the employee is taken care of... I call the RP with frequency to make sure he's taking care of my guy, and if my guy leaves, I'm holding the RP responsible and it will cost the bank my business...

      Have you asked your banker how his bonus turned out this year? It's a pretty good indicator of what's to come...

    • thedividendisyourfriend thedividendisyourfriend Feb 24, 2006 10:11 PM Flag

      I am sure that credit union knows how to make a true working capital line of credit (not one secured by a CD or a stock certificate). formerfvbemployee your posts are pathetic! If you are that ignorant you shouldn't own stocks at all. Buy mutual funds or better yet invest in a savings account at your credit union.

    • I was given some excellent advice some time in the distant past and I pass it on to you: Never spend your inheritance before you get your hands on it. Follow that advice and these little things won't bother you so much.

    • Around the time you were born, I was traveling through your area and others on weekends from several Marine and Navy Bases. I have left my scent all around you, not to mention being born in Appalachia.

    • Go back to your hole, this is a scam.

    • Apparently you have never been to our crooked little backward, hillbilly third-world nation of Appalachia. People do some real strange stuff back here.

      Hell, take a look at how things work down here�

    • It sounds like you were not the executor to the estate. I had no problems with this bank when I was the executor.

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