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  • jim56442 jim56442 Mar 28, 2006 8:51 PM Flag

    Can't even beat the average of 14 bank

    Silly Stillie,

    You posted the following "It must be torture to be so unhappy all the time. Envious too I see."

    Just for the record I would like to know envious of what. Some old man who posts junk like this because he doesn't have a logical argument or just flat can't explain and debate his position. Will it ever be possible for you to actually add something factual to the conversation?

    Oh, by the way in another few days it will be 7 years and 1/4 years since 12/31/1998 and the price of $40.31. Will this great company that you support be able to recover the stock price to at least this same value?

    Yours for better investing,


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    • Jimmy boy, you constantly post envious comments re the salarys, which must make you unhappy that it isn't you. This old man has made more money on downs and ups in the last 7 years than you will in your life, despite the fact that I'm obviously way more ignorant than you, I'm happier than a pig swilling in my gains. I see no logical point in wasting time throwing out numbers that takes your valuable time away from actually making money, all in the hope that someone will join you in your so called factual garbage, or tout you as the next Greenspan. As Fan said, neither you or your sister will ever be hired back. Theres a fact. Unless you hit the lottery you will never be happy. Theres a fact. Mine are more apt to be factual in the long run than your useless numbers. Btw, bonus and options were very good to some this year. Unhappily not for you. Yours for happiness, NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • Silly Stillie,

        It is amazing how one person can be so wrong so many times and continue doing it.

        However, I have finally figured out who you are. It's good to be on the same message board with you Bill Gates. That's about what it would take for your statement about making more money in the last seven years on up and downs then I would in my life.

        On your comment about being hired back. Just for the record one more time I have never worked for BBT. As a matter of fact I have been out of the work force so long that a decent half day's work would probably kill me. No sister either. Don't pay the lottery and would be considered quite comfortable.

        Once again you are wrong on all counts as per usual. In addition to the above let me just state for the record that my experience has been that most of the time people who don't appreciate facts backed up by figures are just not intelligent enough to understand the figures.

        Once more just for the record as I have perviously stated your posts do not dispute the facts presented as you just try to get personal and change the subject.

        Let me ask you one last question and that is have you ever done anything to try to make this old world a better place or help anyone other than yourself?

        Yours for better investing ,


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