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  • bankedonit bankedonit Apr 2, 2006 9:26 AM Flag


    "Thimk" about it:
    Some on this board need to realize that many big and long term holders of BB&T or any other moribund stock have a completely different point of view that someone who bought more recently.

    I'd bet some on this board have average cost basis under 10 and are living quite comfortably on the BB&T dividends (that tend to rise like clockwork). And when they finally go to meet the Maker the 10 cost basis will rise to current price and heirs will reap the reward and if they are smart, not sell and enjoy the dividend. The holding is a pension!

    These investors would be foolish to sell even if BB&T were down 20% over 7 years much less flat. They have a completely different mindset than other investors.

    The two sides on this board will never convince the others because they have different objectives and are both right.

    But I would add that if someone were that outraged by a stock's performance over 7+ years they are damn fools to keep the stock and flagulate over it.

    Thimk about it.

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    • Prsentations to S/H meetings, analyst presentations, and other materials available over the past fifteen years. It's been a major objective of the sales effort since the research showed a 1 in 1 chance of losing a checking account only customer, much improved retention of a checking and mortgage customer and a five plus service customer is almost bullet proof from competition (my words).


    • You can get the information from the presentations listed on the website. Most investors that follow other banks will see that BBT is in the same boat as other large regionals. Sure, there might be a few banks doing better, but most are not. Check out the other boards, Fifth Third, Regions, Suntrust, PNC,'s the same ole song and it's not getting much better until the rate enviorment changes. However, I'm very happy to see that management is putting money and resources in places they havent before, especially denovo in Florida and other high growth areas. Thanks goodness they're spending more on marketing too. I think things will get better, but it'll take a while. It will be intersting to see what the numbers look like this quarter.

    • thedividendisyourfriend thedividendisyourfriend Apr 10, 2006 10:14 PM Flag

      household information? I didn't see that in the annual report. I think if you will read the corporate objectives for 2006 and beyond, they are more in-line with my comments than yours. I think if you also will do some checking of the regional distribution system you will find my comments about transplanted bankers to be closer to reality than you might think or wish to admit. I am a long-term holder but am growing a little weary. If things don't improve over the next 4-6 quarters I think most will be calling for management changes.

    • I see you dont have a clue either

    • Thanks..I get it!
      Your actions (what you say) would have you to appear lonely, with not much to do, satisfied with BB&T management, insecure, trying to put people down due to your own personal inadequacy and having grandiose ideas of self worth. Personally I don't have a clue, I only react to what you write. I am not, however, supprised that you are pleased with yourself, I am supprised that you are so reactionary to any opinion that is contrary to yours and that you almost always contridict those opinions with personal attack. Still you seem to be a sad case. I don't want to be like you ,that would be foolish and self destructive, If I had any personal feelings about you it would be to feel sorry for you.

      Have a great day doing whatever it is you do.


    • Dictly is a word

    • Velly interesting!

    • Sorry for the typo; meant to type "say directly"


    • If I'm reading your post correctly, I believe you've missed the merger strategy. I've heard JAA and others say dictly at many S/H meetings and seen personally the effort to keep market contact people in place at merged thrifts, banks, and insurance agencies. What the bank is buying is a series of relationships where the name on the building changes. Just common sense. Sometimes these contact folks don't like the new systems or programs and leave. In every case the merged customer base gets broader and enhanced products. The strategy wherever possible is to name a merged officer as regional president. If that doesn't work, they'll send in a BB&T replacement. Look at the number of merged CEO's on the Board. It's not a perfect system, but look at the growth in numbers of households with five or more services, a much more stable customer than someone with just a checking account or a cd for rate alone.

      It was time for a new ad campaign and the conference call indicated the bucks will be put behind it.


    • Now yer gettin it! Im rich retired happy satisfied with management support the company, and alas you are the opposite

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