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  • daveymelb daveymelb May 11, 2006 8:14 PM Flag


    lets say wells fargo came in and offered us $50/share...about the same 15% premium wachovia just paid.........not only can they have my shares for that. i will fly to san francisco to hand deliver

    a little scoot up to napa as a side trip

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    • The 60s are over bro catch up or die slowly

    • Couldn't agree with you more but the fact still remains that FVBI stock was growing faster than BBT's and their dividends were close. Several small local banks are behind the times in many ways but still fill a need for more personalized locally involved and concerned "Bankers".
      Provident Bank
      Chevy Chase Bank
      Sandy Springs Bank
      Merchantile Bank(s)

    • Well, ya see some folks can chew gum, spit, type a couple sentences, execute a few stocks, make big $, look out the window at the neighbor ladies, while you slave. Hell that dont even warm me up boy.

    • stillginyet:

      Let's see, you're rich, retired, good lucking,
      brilliant and all those other things.

      Yeah, I guess there are a lot of rich, retired, good looking, brilliant people who spend every day of their lives on a yahoo chat board. May we all aspire to be like you.

    • That'd be as much a merger of equals as the FTU - WB was. And, guess who gets to play the WB role FITB'er? JA looks more like Ken Thompson than he does Bud Baker;-).
      But, who wants the long term hit to the stock price that would follow. Not to mention the charge-offs, general grief and pain.

    • Yeah, I know Ole Stil is ignorant, especially among such as you. You left out rich, retired, happy, the envy of the neighborhood ladies, makes more in a month than you will in a year. Granted I never worked for FVB, ahem I owned a lot of it, sat in on many decisions you could never imagine, as I have many other purchases by BBandT. Your pathetic little world would not cover my gas money.

    • boardnazi_is_a_company_schill boardnazi_is_a_company_schill May 19, 2006 5:49 PM Flag

      We all know Stil is ignorant, but he has finally proven it beyond a reasonable doubt. "FV is working great as we speak..." If you had a clue (or worked in VA for BB&T), you would realize that FVB was a mediocre bank at best. Good retail bank, pathetic at just about everything else. No risk tolerance, only competed on price, poor commercial bank, dying car paper business, poor computer systems, etc. because their low margins did not allow capital investment, and not trying to brush with too broad a stroke, but I have been unimpressed with far too many FVB employees. Many are just time-card punchers with little work ethic. And on the sales-side, if they don't have the lowest rate, they don't know how to get the deal done. In my opinion, FVB was lucky to have BB&T save them.

      Keep eating your BBQ Stil and save your comments to a subject about which you have a clue.

    • " We're just waiting for the right price". Do you suppose that price will come around in say the next 3 to 5 years? If so, who? Will it happen due to JA approaching them or vice versa? Will you still be here in 3 to 5 years?

    • Thats about as likely as the Clippers winning the championship

    • I do yes, as do most folks I talk to. I personally prefer tomato based, but have learned to like vinegar based from this fella who cooks a pig for our neighborhood about 3 times a year. He is booked every weekend and does a tremendous job.

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