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  • knoxfireman knoxfireman Jan 18, 2007 11:55 AM Flag

    yodee: your signs aren't bbt signs

    took your advice. listening to webcast. no urgency, said ja. newspapers taking out of context moe remarks. said ja, "likely to be uneventful year in terms of acquisitions." if you are reading between lines, please share.

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    • Yoda has been proven wise in recent weeks. Consolidation of regions and laying off of regional staff makes much more sense than the recent round of layoffs. 500 to 600 low paid employees is not a deep enough cut to fix problems within. Expect layoffs to exceed 2000 before others events still the focus away from layoffs.

    • Soothsayer, ask questions, already answered.
      Which regions? Fear, have you?
      Yoda gave advice, see past
      to help future...
      RPs? Retire, like Yoda. Easier than fire.
      Fire others...reality.
      Reported months ago, here. See? Then look.
      Soothsayer, name wrong...
      Rename u, OOT (Out Of Touch)
      Listen, now, learn.
      Listen Stil, nothing posted-nothing learned.

    • See truth, you do.
      Funny about "Sunny" Trust.
      Bad, to worse, "stil" better than BBT.

    • Judy, I like, but Yoda not.
      Know others? Know me.
      Secret? Yoda, not worried. Neither should be you.
      Yoda, takes care of herself. Retirement, suits Yoda fine.
      Afraid not...But Stil, afraid.
      Working for "wiggs"? Ah, Stil, first to leave
      in MOE...Stil, and PR unnecessary. LOL
      Stil, RSC and MDP, were you? Ha Ha
      Old, Stil isn't. Age, taught little...
      New name different, 4 sure 4 BBT & partner.
      Prediction to peg on Yoda (hhhhmmmm)

    • What regions will be consolidating? What RP's will leave...why will they fire RP's? I don't see what this will accomplish...I am not saying I don't believe you. I just highly doubt that there would be no rumors of this if it were truly happening. People knew about the layoffs weeks and months before it happened...that was no great prediction..if you did predict it!!!!

    • I agree with Yoda. BB&T has to do something soon or there will be no one of any decent size left to acquire/merge with. Stil, if you ask about facts, why not you look at BB&T stock performance the past five years compared to its peer group.......

      I will save you the time. BB&T stock is Stil at the bottom. Which is really sad sense Suntrust who is the middle of an identity crisis, has done better.

    • Judy, is that you in the Yoda suit? Nice sock puppet. You know what gave you away? Naming the girls you used to work with. Stil probably doesn't know them...but I do. And now I think I know you. Don't worry, though--your secret is safe with me. Hope your early retirement is going well.

      So Stil--what say you? Yoda has named names and places and dates. S/he is kicking your country ass, giving us good intel while you blather about neighborhood hags. Gather up your sock puppets and get in the game, would you?

    • From Dec 16th 2006...

      "Yoda, guess much, knows little. Look, outside in.
      2007...predictions, wrong are they?
      Retire & Fire...Many leave.
      RP--go on endangered species list.
      Combine bank charters--sense? combine regions.
      Stock price---down---down---
      MOE--Yes, da farce says so.
      WHO MOE? ? ? Yoda, knows--will tell, later.
      Stil-come back. You, missed here.
      Stil, last of Jedi.
      Stil Playing with light sabre, eyes go bad.

      Hhhmmmm...Predict Charlotte-Knoxville RP? Yes, did I.
      Predict Stock Price? Yes, did I.
      Layoffs? Yes, did I.
      Regional Consol? Very soon, next 6-8 weeks. Five combinations...goodbye RPs and regional staffs.
      MOE? Soon...When? Announce in 2nd qtr (this year Stil)
      Do or say? Yoda can't turn water to wine,
      or Stil from dumbass to smartass
      PS- Stil, go to church, save dark soul. Yoda says...

    • It appears Yodee knows little about lots

    • Think, what you?

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