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  • snoit123 snoit123 Feb 2, 2007 7:04 PM Flag


    ...........personally - to show confidence, no? A few thousand shares.

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    • Ah hah Yoda,

      Stil/WilsonBBT....-here for Crowd Control?

      Judy thinks Stil/WIlson at work too-

      No bedtime reading at Stil's -

      Stil has "neighborhood ladies"

      (Oops - sleeping giant just got poked)

    • Wow! Once again you have proven how smart you are Yoda! You make a very good point. Who outside of Bankers or people in that industry read American Banker because it is definitely a insider industry publication? I wouldn't expect many outsiders to be interested in it at all (unless you specialized in investing in multiple bank stocks....certainly not to babysit a company one already knows so much can be an informative but boring read)
      I certainly don't sit down in the evening to my new copies of "American Dentist" and "American Roofer" (no offense to either profession).

    • Stil wrote "presenting the unknown, which is already known"
      Stil, agree with Yoda on what she said? MOE? Regional Consol? Weal Performance/Earnings? HHHHMMMMMM...."uneventful", company shill Stil?
      YOda give DEtails 4 Stil...respond not? ? ? ?

      Ernie, ask Stil how he can post from American Banker? Stil ignoring sweet YOda (afraid of strong woman)
      Yoda try to use link, once offered by "WilsonBBT", need subscription...$600 per year to read.

      Stil, willing to pay $600 per year for subscription, even rich he is? ? ? ?
      work at bank, access free?

      Only, answer other? Stil steal copy? No, reckless would he be, semper fi, doesn't steal. STil, honest, 2 a point...

      Answer? _______________ (not newspaper writer)
      Stil wear "Wigg"? LOL


    • Ernie, that is the best guffaw I've had all day, topping O Yoddee O Duhs attempt at presenting the unknown, which is already known. I don't even read that newspaper, much less write for it, but thanks for the thought. As I've stated many times before, I have a 40+ year association with BBandT, never as an employee, as a shareholder, and business owner. I haven't always lived in Wilson, just several years. I have made huge $ from it and plan to continue. I expect 2007 to be an uneventful year, in which BBandT is STIL not for sale or MOE. Five to 12 months passes very fast.

    • I have found the source of Stil's inside info...The Wilson Daily Times. I admit I could be wrong on this one. Do you write for the paper? (see below)

      Yoda is even more wise than I realized, her information seems to match what is known to some.
      BB&T is good to Wilson

      When BB&T moved its headquarters out of Wilson 13 years ago in a merger that took the bank's top executives to Winston-Salem, CEO John Allison promised that the bank would continue to have a special relationship with Wilson.

      When word came this week of cutbacks in BB&T's work force, that special relationship was apparent once again. While the bank was eliminating 700 jobs companywide, just 10 jobs in Wilson were being cut.

      For anyone who needs a reminder, BB&T now has more jobs in Wilson than it did in 1994 before the merger with Southern National Bank. The bank's employment in Wilson is above 2,000, making it a rival of Bridgestone Firestone for the title of largest private employer in Wilson County. The bank's jobs are predominantly high-tech in the check and credit card processing areas of the business.

      Both transplants from other states and some home-grown talent have contributed to the bank's employment growth.

      BB&T's job cuts, which will come through attrition and layoffs, are aimed at adjusting the size of the bank after a series of mergers. The cuts began with a hiring freeze that began last October and will continue with layoffs for about 300 employees.

      Even as the bank cuts some jobs, however, it is creating other jobs. An example is the new branch being built at Raleigh Road Parkway and Airport Boulevard.

      As the oldest continuously operating bank in North Carolina, BB&T has a long history in Wilson, going back to Alpheus Branch, the bank's founder, who started a small banking business here in 1878. After surviving the Great Depression when many other banks failed, BB&T was known as a sleepy, eastern North Carolina farmers' bank until the late 1970s, when a new generation of banking leaders developed a more aggressive strategy that has grown the little Wilson bank to one of the largest banks in the nation.

      While it is disappointing to see the bank has to curtail its growth, at least temporarily, and to see some mega-banks surpass BB&T's earnings, there is no reason to doubt the bank's long-range strategy or the quality of its leadership. The bank's steady growth should continue, along with its close relationship with the Wilson community.

      Although its headquarters is 100 miles away, BB&T remains an integral part of the Wilson community and economy.

    • Yoda, appreciate respect.
      Name regions to gain more respect?
      Evident they are, Ernie and others, say, wise they are.
      Name 4 ego, not...YOda not real, no ego she has.
      NC (3), WV (2), GA (2) & FL (2) and surprise...POOF!
      More l/o's to come...soon. Street like, see price up, is...
      See, materialize, like Stil disappears
      when Yoda present, she is...waiting for intelligent remark.
      Importance? Not in consol, cover "housecleaning"
      for new guests/partners...MOE :)
      Fraction of costs saved, moe to come (or more, it is)
      REad CLose
      LOL (Stil, bite dust?)
      BBT changed, not gone (process start? 4 07)
      YOda insider, no. Friends on inside, no. Yoda KNOWS
      Stil, best BBQ? Visit soon...

    • Some of youse guys act as if consolidation and layoff is new news. It's been around for months, and the fact that some don't bother to comment on it is not earth shattering. I expect 2007 to be an uneventful year. Btw, did you know the earth isn't flat?

    • Oh oh oh, can I play? Consolidating some regions has been an open secret around BB&T for a while especially for the last year. My first guess would be the consolidation of the Gulf Coast and East Florida regions considering how sub par the results have been. Not the result of lasck of local effort, it's just hard to sell products when you have to explain for 20 minutes who or what BB&T is.

      After that I would expect a Central NC consolidation, perhaps folding some more into the Triad region. You could do the same thing in DC especially when you have a county like Montgomery County Maryland split into two regions.

      I have to say, wise Yoda has been a teacher to us all and has not said anything (that I have seen) that turned out to be untrue (I know I know BB&T is STIL not for sale or MOE....whoops it is for that means it's STIL not for sale? As Yoda might say, backtrack you did!

    • Much respect I have for you...yet there is Stil some who don't and don't have a clue. Some are wise learners and others wise teachers..........predict the regions that will consolidate and you will convert the non-believers.

    • Stil, crazy after all these years
      :) Yoda, love Stil, fool as he is LOL
      Only 1 way to play game with Stil,
      Love his ignorance, part of game;
      Stil, smarter than think U do,
      Dumb, act he must, disguise.
      Ignore? Miss funnies.
      Stil like spa, relax and enjoy...then take
      shower to get rid of salt! ROTFLMGAO

      Now, important more...

      Note, Region consol, announce?
      Yoda say, 8 weeks, within.
      Mark on calendar. See "poof" !

      RPs retire,
      regions staff prespire,
      NPs & More fired,
      Exec comp consult firm hired,
      performance mired,
      JA tired...


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