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  • least_effort least_effort Mar 2, 2007 8:47 PM Flag

    Clintons' proven record $B surplus


    ;CLINTON:_Stock indexes went up steadily
    -Created 24M new jobs
    -Paid portion of National debt
    -Handed Bush Jr multi-B$ surplus
    -$22/barrel; $1.2/gal
    -Increased minimum wages
    -Increased/created funds of Veterans, Research, Education; Housing, Medicare, Medicaid, Child Care Credit, Earn Income Credit,Head Start, Education Credit; etc
    -Lots of Loving, Compassion, Kindness

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    • And perhaps this will price our goods and services completely out of the world marketplace. That will continue the export of decent paying jobs to third world countries. Then the Dems can start the chant of,"Save our jobs," "We need Protectionism," and "Raise them tariffs." With a little more good luck, we can then have a Great Depression that will make 1929 look like a walk in the park. And it's all about keeping them in power to protect poor simpleminded folks like us from them evil capitalists, bankers and investors!

      "Save the economy! Vote a Democrat out of office today!" ;-)

    • One of the things I just can't understand is how raising the minimum wage is good for the economy or for poor people. From Econ 101 I learned that when wages go up the price of goods and services go up. The way I see it, this act does more harm than good. This law actually creates more poor people. (The individual that was making $7.25/hour has just become the new poor along with the old minimum wage workers.) MW definitely has a detrimintal effect on entry level jobs.
      If it is good I wish someone could explain it to me.

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      • There's more to governmental responsibility than exclusive concern with the economy, critical though that is. Get out of class and talk with actual people trying to survive on on $6 or $7 per hour--people who likely never had the opportunity to take Econ 101. Or those who have been displaced from jobs that were sent overseas.

        Talk is easy. Good is relative. Academics without mgmt knowledge is really easy. And, for those who wonder what this has to do with banks, think about it for a minute and read their advertising while looking at the credit card rates they charge. Geez, the more I write, the more I want to sell this stock.


    • "...Lots of Loving, Compassion, Kindness..."

      What on earth does any of that have to do with banking in general, let alone BB&T in particular???

      Surely this was meant in jest?

    • You posted this exact same dreck Jan 17 as 'averagelookinks', a 32 year old woman from Emporia Kansas, had every single point refuted and disappeared for several weeks.

      Are your initials M. L.? Or J. C.? Does it post better under a different handle? Are you still a paid worker for a Democratic candidate to be named later? Do you think this will convince anyone of anything? Are you congenitally addlepated or did you have to work to achieve that state? Could you go back to whereever it was that you were and leave the rest of us to discussing investments and why or why not BBT will be sold ( had to get that one in stil ;-)

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      • Ahhhh littlegray, I wish you posted more often, but no doubt you consider your labor more beneficial, versus some in here. It's good to be back and notice all the "more intelligent that wan't me to go away so they can post, well, more intelligence", suddenly disappeared when I did. Hmmmmmmm, conspiracy? Hmmmmmmmm, am I all those folks? No, I'm not that smart. I got a kick out of dreck and addlepated. I can see all those smart folks running to the online thesaurus.

        Anyway, April 7 and 20 is growing closer, and we will soon see as Yodee, and Ernie prognosticated agreement, the big whatever happenings in BBandT, which btw is STIL not for sale or MOE. We are in the midst of the 5 to 12 month big happenings another posted. By golly, I'm getting real excited at the prospects of growing richer, my toe is swelling, and I'm tired of Florida and fishing, and I missed ole Bill.

        I'm thinking the same trash and excrement has been previously posted at least three and maybe four times, but Im too tired to go back and look. As to minimum wage, it is merely a liberal ploy to fool some, pay back the unions so they can demand a higher hourly, which in turn causes merchants to increase prices, thereby hurting the minimum wage earners and keeping them where they were previously.
        It has always amazed me that the minimum wage issue only comes up at election time, or when liberals win the House and Senate. Why not give them 15.00 hourly now and solve it for 10 years or so. I mean after all, the illegals are getting wage and benefits, police protection, free medical and schooling and we are even changing social security for them, a program that is broke.

        Dang, I forget, did I say BBandT is STIL not sold or MOE? Did I say JA still leads the pack? Shoot, vacation is hard on an old man. Gotta get these ole cells reinvigorated, with some Q and Heineken.

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