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  • nobankersplease nobankersplease Mar 19, 2007 11:17 AM Flag

    Weren't we at this price around 1999?

    So investors have received dividends about 150 basis points or more below treasuries and no capital appreciation in the stock for what, about 8 years? I suppose if you are smart, you could have traded in and out and made some reasonable returns, but isn't the mantra of BB&T that it is a "fire and forget" stock (i.e. we have a superior business model than everyone else, we don't do dumb things, like securitize our balance sheet, we don't take excessive risk,so stick with us over the long term - - - but if you did just that, then you didn't get squat). What's the deal here? If there is no real capital appreciation inthe stock, then why isn't the dividend a couple of hundred basis points above treasuries to justify the risk?

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    • I actually didn't know at first either until el dumbo threw a dart. I read same as you. You also are much wiser and more patient than I with hogwash, but we'll never know which one of us is better looking. Im sure your neighbor ladies and the Mrs are happy with you though.

    • You will find I never tell others what to buy, hold or sell. I just tell them to find the way to make $$ like I have. And Im guilty of most of what you recommended also. So buyers should do their own thing and not blame others for their losses in any deal. I always managed my own portfolio, and always figured why pay others to lose money for me? Isn't that their highest goal, to make money off others? Over the last 8 years it has done very well for nme on the highs and lows, and over the last 4 years extremely well. And as always BBandT is STIL not sold or MOE, but when it does, whoa nellie! I stand to do extremely well again. The only time I can remember losing any money was, well, so long ago I can't remember how I lost it. I wish you the same success, you do seem to know your facts.

    • Sorry, didn't know the question was addressed to Stil; I read these in chronological order, not by thread. I have a 40+ year BB&T position and am older than Stil


    • Since you brought it up,

      I have no need to deny or confirm anything to immature failures. It just bothers me that you would insult a gentleman such as Fan with the likes of me. Your inability to succeed in life morally and financially is happiness for me. Btw my neck is quite brown from the good ole florida sun, so I might just travel to Pa to shade some of your red.

    • No denial.....hmmm....been to any cross burnings lately! Stupid neck'.

    • Go wipe your face, your nose is brown.

    • OK take out the trash too and you're good to go. I like ole Cramer myself, have learned much from him, and Bloomberg. Spring is nigh, as is soon.

    • What do you mean questioning the great JAA. He keeps growing the bank with his dilutive mergers justifying increases in his salary, keeps talking about cash earnings and one-time charge so he can talk a good show all the while true earnings suck. This guy want sell because of his ego all the while he is fucking the shareholders. Bend over farther if yoy hold this stock and JAA will keep sticking in you. Come Board of Directors either find management than can grow earnings or SELL.

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      • My my, the natives are getting restless again, so excited they have trouble spelling, and completing a sentence, or making much sense. It seems most of the recent posts come from non employees, heheheh, those way too smart to own this stock, unhappy with those of us who do, although one did actually say how to make $$$ with this stock, and they want us to sell our 40 year holdings, and be unhappy like they are. Then their wish is for us to come back in here and demonstrate ignorance like them. Something like you would find in elementary school playgrounds. They want us to display envy at JA, who STIL leads BBandT, which btw is STIL not sold or MOE. And soon is nigh. Well heres what I did just to piss you guys off, and more or less make a few more $$. I bought another block at the recent low for holding, and another block for selling at the next high. I was just overjoyed at the dividends that went into reinvesting, and those that I spent on vacation. While I was hoisting a Heinie on the boat, and reeling in a few sea bass, I had flashbacks of your misery, so dammit I hoisted another one. I just wish I played golf so I could make you more miserable. I helped out a neighbor lady today. Hows that

    • The dividend on this stock has gone up ~ 10% a year for a number of years. My treasury returns do not have anywhere near that record and I doubt yours have. I understand you're talking yield alone - look at comparable total returns. All financials are down now due to the subprime hysteria. For context, over 90% of mortgages are being paid on time, but that statistic doesn't sell papers.


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      • BBTFAN,

        I'm guessing you got that number from good ole Neal Cavuto or whatever that flunckie's name is. If 10% of your loan portfolio is late, that is NOT GOOD. If any bank's entire loan portfolio was 10% past due, the bank would probably have to shut down. People who pull quotes or make quotes like that really have no idea about banking. Past dues over 2% set off alarm bells to the regulators. Spreads are too thin for those types of past dues. Many of you BB&T people seem to really love to watch Fox News. Your really getting a distorted view of the world and as JA is famous for saying, its not "reality based".

        The ignorance on this board is unbelievable. I don't know why I even look at it. I'll do myself a favor and everyone else and just remove this board from my list.

      • I think you missed my point. Even if the raw dividend is increased year over year, its the yield that is important and the yield is a function of the stock price. the average yield for this stock has been under 4% for many years, even with the periodic increases in the absolute amount of the dividend itself. this is troubling, because the stock price's movement then becomes less a function of the "yield income equation" and more a function of how the market views the fundamentals of the company, which appear not to be so good. if there was a lot of upside here (other than perhaps a baked in acquisition premium), then you might see the stock price at much higher long -term levels with an ever shrinking yield (even with periodic dividend increases). What this tells me is the market doesn't like this company, and further, it tells me it may be overvalued and some holders are loathe to let go of it (maybe unsophisticated retail people - anyone know how much is held in retail accounts?)

    • Stock goes nowhere because:

      Dividend payout ratio is 57.79 vs 36.00 for industry
      Not sustainable.

      Debt to equity is 204.27 vs 178.15 for industry
      Too high.

      EPS 5year growth rate 5.79 vs 12.93 for industry.

      22 of 24 Analysts rate a hold or worse. No institutional support.

      These are a few reasons to dump this POS.

      There are others as well but why spend the time going over them when you could be entering a sell order and looking for other ways to better employ your capital. The only people on this board that keep pumping this POS are insiders and retired insiders that received their stock in the form of cheap options so they have a low cost basis and can't afford the tax bite if they sell.

      If you want to trade in and out, try puts and calls. This stock channels enough to make about 50% a swing if you time it right. Buy in the money with at least a 4 month expiration date. You can control the same amount of stock for about 10% the capital and employ the rest somewhere else, like Treasuiies.

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