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  • stillginyit stillginyit Apr 14, 2007 8:48 AM Flag

    Bush spent huge $ of next generations

    All in all, the fiscal news is so good that the tax hike lobby has had to do a bait-and-switch and fret about the "long-term." Somehow this wasn't a priority when Democrats and Republicans alike were trying to kill Social Security reform in 2005. But all of a sudden penury is said to be right around the corner. Well, Congress could always reform those programs, but don't hold your breath. Mr. Bush is proposing a very modest $96 billion reduction in the growth of Medicare and other entitlements over five years, and Democrats are already outraged.
    The best news in yesterday's budget may be that Mr. Bush seems to be rediscovering some fiscal nerve. His proposals won't raise taxes, while using the power of the market to combat problems in health care, and putting a tight leash on domestic discretionary programs. Defense gets the bulk of spending increases, as it should in a time of war. Maybe we'll finally get a debate over national spending priorities.
    Btw, BBandT is STIL not sold or MOE and JA is at the helm, and April 20 draws near, while Yodee is STIL checking arrears

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    • Stil, how about giving credit for the actual writer of your post? "See bottom chart". You clearly cut and pasted from someone's opinion article. How about letting us know who the real author is?

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      • I have quite often noted here that I am taught by Professor Limbaugh behind the golden EIB microphone
        at the Institute for Conservative Studies. I am a long term student, such that I can quite often quote his monologues word for word, and will go mano a mano with any liberal willing to go face to face in any category of discussion, with prior understanding that if proven wrong they either crawl back under their long haired maggot infested rock, or simply admit their inferiority and consider converting to conservatism, like the great JA, who is STIL at the helm as BBandT remains unsold, and not in MOE, and today is April 18 Yodee, prepare your rock for the April 20, and go in arrears first.

      • Stil,

        Does that mean you take the same dope as Rush? Are you an oxycotin junkie? Are you also a racist and bigot like him too? My father has Parkinson's, so I'm a little sensitive to Rush's bigotry. Do you also have the same problem as Rush as it relates to not having control of your appetite?

        Are you also afraid of debate like Rush (i.e. doesn't allow opposing view points or debaters on his program)? Do you also believe that black quarterbacks get special breaks from the media?

        Do you also believe that Obama is a halfrican? Just curious. What other racist stuff do you believe in? I'm really interested in your views.

        I know you listen to this man on a routine basis as you have stated in the past and often your posts to this board are sort of "cult-like" repetition of things you hear on his show. I'm curious, who comes first in your life, God or Rush? Would you put Rush above perhaps your wife or the neighbor ladies? What do you think Rush's legacy will be when he retires? Do you think he will be remembered in 50 years? If so, what for in your opinion.

        Thanks in advance.

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