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  • jacquaviva jacquaviva Jul 23, 2007 9:45 AM Flag

    Why is BBT is Tanking?

    So we are on a few cents from a 52 week low....You can do it BBT I only bought the shares so I could LOSE money...

    What is going on here? Lets get a grip on things and get the loveboat back on course. There are so many things that appears BBT is doing right...Why is this stock in the can?

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    • Mr. T :)

      I am thinking of buying some of this stock tomorrow. What do you think...wonder what the chances are that it will become green? Everytime I buy a bank stock they merge with Regions. Do you know how much I have with Regions now because I was in the right place and forced... :0

      We should have shorted RF last week....don't you think?

    • I seem to remember an article from a while back that said JA's hobby was toy trains. He had a big track in his basement and had paid thousands for really special engines and cars and such...

      {Snort laugh}

    • Wonder on sources you do,
      many employees and ex-employees are those you read here.
      High turnover at BBT no secret it is not,
      overpay non-producing middle management for years they have.
      Laid off tellers and loan assistants to provide more buffer to pay middle management they did,
      JA cutting expenses trying to make a failed regional plan work.
      Kleenex and mints sad but true it is,
      employees even pay for their own Christmas party they do.
      JA and his $6.4 million compensation rests easy he does,
      meanwhile, employees have the satisfaction of clean noses and fresh breath.

    • Jeez - I'm new to this board and a potential investor as the yield gets to 5%...though now, just based on these past few posts, think I will lower my entry (although truthfully, was considering that anyway as the worm turns on the subprime+++).

      I have relatives happy with BBT service, but I'm wondering now how much longer that will last - is the stuff about kleenex and mints and higher-salaried non-producing positions coming from employees or investors?

    • I think he looks like Ned "Ned the Head" Ryerson, from Groundhog Day "Am Right?, Am I Right?...Am I right?"

    • I just fell over I was laughing so hard. What a jackass. I can see him at the AKC dog shows with his copy of Atlas Shrugged under his arm. Its amazing that he could acutally read a book that was probably the first book he ever finished. The second was "Lord of the Rings" and the third was "Star Trek: A Pictorial".

    • I am just trying to figure out what sporting events that nerd JA would go to. He reminds me of Skolnick from Revenge of the Nerds with his hair, glasses, and that doofy a$$ laugh of his. He would probably like the national speed walking championships.

    • These have been some of the best posts on here in a while!!!

      I can't believe the kleenex typical of BB&T!! JA gets a jet and a chance to ruin the compant while the people that suffer the most don't even get some cr*ppy stock!

      Maybe Stil is head of Marketing.....and a great job he has done!!

    • JA upset he is,
      did not get Kleenex box the branch staff received.
      Settle for $6.4 million compensation in 2006 instead,
      when branch employees realize JA's compensation Kleenex become useful it does.
      JA asked for raise in 07,
      $6.4 million plus Kleenex and mints are required.
      Board approved addition of Kleenex,
      mints could become issue.
      Stil used up supply to hide smell of balls he did,
      large mint requisition placed by Stil, so inventory on the way!

    • Are you forgetting that lovely white coffee can filled with Kleenex (plastic lid with a hole in the top) printed with the inspiring words of "BB&T Appreciates You" given to the branch staff? Nothing says appreciation with as much feeling or gusto as a can of Kleenex (I wish I was kidding about this). Of course there were those BB&T breath mints given out previously.

      10, 15 and 20 year anniversary gifts come with a Xeroxed thank you to "Dear Anniversarant" where Johnny Boy "personally" thanks the employee and lets them pick a $5 gift from a catalog....who hooo!!

      Meanwhile, back at the corporate Jet flying off to various sporting events.... that BB&T is almost $30 million deep in a fraudulent development in NC, I suspect the branch people won't even get the Kleenex this year!

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