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  • ayscuew ayscuew Oct 19, 2007 5:48 PM Flag

    What to do now!

    BB&T earnings were up 6.5% third quarter 2007 vs 2006.
    Our stock dropped 11.5% this week. Wachovia earnings were FAR below third quarter 2006. Bank America earnings were even worse year to year. These stocks were down less than 8% on the week.
    The overall market was down a ton today. I believe that this downturn will continue untill the financials turn around.
    How many of you remember the savings and loan disaster???
    Broke a lot of people.

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    • Hi, how did you find out its third quarter earning? From Yahoo, it still shows the 2nd quater. Thanks

    • Looks like Still's "still" talking to himself/herself. Need a translation?

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      ps stock is doing great , huh?

    • Please stop having private conversations on this Board

    • Information gathering is my field. Some people are easily led, setup so to speak. I could go back and copy some of your old posts re BBandT predictions, e mails, etc, none of which came to pass. More to follow........ heheh sound familiar! Consols, firings, BBandT is STIL not sold or MOE and JA is STIL at the helm. Yoda is STIL, well Yoda, and STIL is fearless with BBandT. Actually Yahoo and the Shadow knows. Your old coworkers know. I have no problems period, well except for that old football knee that all the pretend athletes use who cant stand the heat anymore, except I never played football. Andy Griffith, What it was was football. Fan might be the only one who remembers. Buy BBandT now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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