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  • pacawallopandabigpunch pacawallopandabigpunch Nov 3, 2007 7:14 PM Flag


    #'s dont lie. a note for the pumpers. if the $ supposedly invested by the crowd of one pro-bbt pumper would be a reality, that poster is up shit creek without the proverbial paddle. instead all we hear is the same refrain, go ja, no moe, no m&a. yadayadayada.

    my heartfelt expression of sorrow to the following

    RIP bowtie bbtfan stillginyit spoor wmrmc your investment in this piece of garbage has officially entered the DOW graveyard a place it should have been all along.

    whos to blame for the death of the one and only pumpers investment? management? see what C does and look at M Lynch's ouster.

    the better question is, "whos next?" ja? reality bites




    tell me one good thing about this company, just one, that would calm a longterm holder and please the dividend isnt that good

    my motive? the truth. something management has avoided by spending s/h wealth in pointless, value-less m&a strategy to keep their careers alive until they can sell this to rbc. times up (be sure to set your clocks back 2nite)

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    • I'll tell you one good thing about this company. They did not partake in the sub-prime lending craze. BB&T is in a troubled sector. Combine the fed raising rates with Citigroup posting an $11B hit, and the sector (as a whole) has taken a nosedive. If you are purchasing stock without putting a trailing stop on your order, then you are a fool. If you are following a buy and hold strategy with ANY stock in the banking sector, then you are a fool. Don't get mad at me if I buy BB&T at 33.75 because I can read a stock chart, get mad at yourself for not keeping up with the sectors you are holding.

    • If bbt goes to Canada,,,,,Royal Bank,,,,,,it would be the best thing for BBT shareholders. I would dance and party all day long. For bbt to become RY would be the best imaginable merger I could think of.

      I own bbt for that reason alone and nothing else. not the div. not the bank, not the board. Only if,,,,,,,,,RY were to buy us. THAT WOULD BE BIG............


    • We have opened on the up-side this morning. Maybe it's not as bad as it has looked for the past week.

    • Answer my question clown.....

    • Its easy to recognize one who doesnt have a clue, much less common sense, but you really sound like Hillary trying to act suthun, I ain't no ways tard. Where are those Canadians you said are looking real hard at BBandT which is STIL not sold or MOE, with JA STIL at the helm. Did billy come over and calm yer nerves

    • I like little bump and runners. Look all you unhappy kids, its very simple, if you dont like the stock, get out, if you dont like the job, quit, if you lost big somewhere along the way, take your lumps, learn and move on. If you, like third world countries, think you can drag us down to your level, then it proves my contention on education over the past 30 years, you got none. You will never win with me. I have made $$ for over 40 years here and will continue to do so. I will make $$ on my last 3 buys over the next 12 months, while youse guys whine about JA STIL at the helm and BBandT STIL not sold or MOE

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      • How secure is the current dividend payment?

      • Keep your political diatribe to yourself....Merrill Lynch fires its boss because its stock tanks...where's BB&T's Board? For the last 10 years? Maybe if we believe the concepts of accountability, integrity, and responsibility....well enough said, JA's here to stay, until somebody takes postive action on his lame a**.

        Stil here's a quick story for you, I'll make it easy so you can understand. Three idiots are debating who's the smartest, so they decide to jump off a cliff to see who has the best landing. #1 lands and with his last breath says "See, Im the smartest." #2, lands, crippled for life, looks over at #2 and says "Ha, I'm smarter than you." #3 lands and brakes both legs and his pelvis, requiring 6 months in the hosptil, "I'm better than all of you". BB&T is #3 if you didn't get it. (They are all stupid, just by variation of magnitude.) Accountability...its a simple concept.

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