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  • ayscuew ayscuew Feb 5, 2008 4:14 PM Flag

    Bad timing!

    Our chairman just sold five million dollars worth of BB&T stock. Sure picked a good time to do it since he sold at the recent high (almost). He CERTAINLY knows more about the future than most folks. Hope he didn't know something bad.

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    • now you resort to name calling. what a very poor loser you are.
      the only error was that you did not catch it, anyone could have if they really mastered the calculator as you say you have.

      You still dont get it, do you?

    • Could it be that BB&T diluted your position with a crummy merger? Say it ain't so!!!!! Let me guess, BB&T was above $34 when the merger went down and CFCP probably tanked when the market heard it was going to be consumed by Bubba B&T? You got served, amigo!

    • the trailer park?

    • bbtpricemoveslikestiljerkingoff bbtpricemoveslikestiljerkingoff Feb 10, 2008 3:22 PM Flag

      Nice try wilsonspoor. Maybe you or your alter ego should answer the question, on why this is such a good long term investment if the ten year appreciation on the stock price was zero?

    • You are under the mistaken impression I give a crap about your math. I did not even care your were wrong until you kept trying to defend and indefensible position.

      As to my math - unlike you I have mastered the use of the calculator that comes with the Windows software. Maybe you should take a class in using the windows calculator and in 2 or 3 months you too can be math proficient.

      Of course you will still have a low IQ and post stupid things. At least you finally admit to an error.

    • Amazing the number of replys to this message, and the number of different profits/risks offered by posters. Even more amazing is that numbie, wormie, queefie, billie, et al didn't offer their usual brilliant answers. I seem to recall that on a few occasions JA has offered that all his holdings are in BBandT. Seems he doesn't worry about risk to BBandT, led by himself to good clean conservative status not sold or MOE, well positioned for the future. Any consensus now on the final status of his transactions?

    • you really didnt see the error until sloan posted did you now. just not as smart as you think you are or want others to believe. sad, very sad

      you math isnt too good until you copy off somebodys paper, now is it

    • the only incorrect assumption that was mad by a fool was that JA only has 300,000 or so at risk. Cost does not equal investment risk capital. Every time JA doesnt sell the rest of his shares its his million at risk.
      it doesnt have to be a tax loss to be a real loss.
      guess that part wasnt covered on the cpa exam

      try to think before you speak and you will do much better.

    • I hear what you are saying, but its a bit off. The buy-sell transaction stands on its own. That gain was realized and might be taxed, might not be that depends.
      regardless of that, the money is his now and its all at risk in the market, all of it. He could have taken all of the money and bought something other than the BBT stock, net any potential taxes.

      Its his money and its all at risk. ( the part about BBT stock going to zero and he would only be out 300,000 shows you are missing the issue). You are good at math though.

      Good investing/trading to all

    • You miss the point as to how much he put at risk when he bought (at the option price) and simultaneous sold (at the market price). The fact that he now has more than his initial investment at risk results from the fact he made a considerable amount on the initial transaction and to claim he put over $1mm at risk is BS.

      If he had been given 33,000 shares he would now have the same amount at risk, in that case he would have had $0 of initial risk, instead he initially had around $300,000 at risk in this case (out of pocket cost).

      Conceptyully Wilson of full of it.

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