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  • ayscuew ayscuew Jun 2, 2008 12:02 PM Flag


    At noon BB&T is down more than WB. The shorts are in control. Hold on!

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    • Tempted to buy more at this level, but you have to show disipline. If it breaks down a bit more it could easily drop another $1-2.

      Of course, it it turns and goes up I will kick myself for not buying more won't I?

    • Last time I checked (searched local newspapers) real estate in Richmond, Fredicksburg, Charlottesville, etc in Va were still solid. It would be good if someone from these areas would post and let us know what they are seeing.

    • Thanks for your report. It is in line to what I am hearing. I have relatives living near Charlottesville (Nelson County). They have seen the price of real estate they own soar over the past 6-7 years, but not much in the past two years.

      They invest in RE and are unable to find anything they consider a "bargain" even now. So even though price appreciation appears to have halted so far there is not much in the way of prices falling either.

      Now if I could just get this darn crystal ball to turn on.

    • We're very solid . Raleigh- Durham ,rtp ,Winston -Salem ,Charlotte,etc. are where the high quality growth is for many years. BBT will gets its share of this growth . And speaking of shares ,I'm confident that we go back to 40 or more by year's end. JMHO

    • Over the past decade I have lived in most of these regions. Also am in the real estate business. They have weathered the storm better than say...Cleveland or Sacramento, to be sure, but the impact of the past 12 months is beginning to weigh heavy on these markets. Development has slowed, individuals associated with the real estate industry (contractors, brokers, originators, etc.) are feeling the pinch. Inventories are up, expectations are not yet re-aligned with reality, etc. These markets you mention are not immune to the overall problems associated with the economy and the credit markets. Eventually this will have an impact on banks like BB&T, for a variety of reasons. It can't be helped. The stock price, in my opinion, has already priced this risk. If things get worse, though, seeing $45 will be a long time coming. The one thing BB&T could do right now is steal market share and open the floodgates with credit. BB&T just needs to let the commerical, retail, and personal credit roll out the door and clobber Wachovia, it could be a near knockout punch.

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