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  • j.chandler59 j.chandler59 Jul 7, 2008 8:42 PM Flag

    Closing in on the "teens" for BBT stock price

    Looks like I am going to win the wager with Inlet. Up day probably tomorrow (maybe) followed by a BIG drop on Wednesday & Thursday will put my wager in the win column.

    As for how I earn my $, at least I do it honest and old fashion way, I work, unlike the management at BBT.

    I don't hide my ASSets, I am proud of mine. I don't need any "reserves" (is that what you old guys are calling the ED drugs now?) Butt, I am sure you would want to load up with some before you would try to "handle" me ;) I would exhaust your reserves.

    Or, like sPOOR relying on the "missus" for income and the occassional sex night once a year. I would buy some flowers for her, silly stilly.

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    • Yoohoooooooooo! Be sure and dress nice tomorrow

    • Ouch! I suspect you ASSets are very sore by now. What a beating for a Short in a Skirt. Almost a 50% return for us in a couple of days. Why would you bet against a Management Team that is obviously smarter than the clowns chasing the high returns and the ultra-high risks? For Real Estate it is location, location,location. For Banks, it is Quality, Quality, Quality.

    • Hey fweeq, yer a girl help her out

    • who cares, dude...give it a rest.

    • Great description of every ex employee who didnt get the promo, thought they knew more than the boss, think they are producers(your word performer)and aren't capable of changing with the times, and in your case always advertising what is always on your mind, who is now gone and advertising at the hospital and on a message board that which is always on your mind. If one is so great they can always produce for another financial center, and if one is correct in their statements, I can guarandamntee you the offenders would be gone immediately if not sooner. Since the boss is STIL there, as are those new bright youngsters who arent interested in getting attention but getting ahead, one can assume the whiner is the whiner and the producers STIL produce. And its not probably know its I do know. As you near the skywalk you might want to look up sometime, as you near the cafeteria lookover you might want to look up. The 14th largest bank is not going to ruin itself for the sake of an insecure female, they have numerous who work hard and dont rest on their ahem laurels. Fighting the systems gets your let go, promoting the system and making it work regardless of personal position gets you promoted. Yours is a cry for help, I pray some of these boys will do so. Meanwhile BBandT is STIL not sold or MOE, STIL led by the great JA, with no stagecoach or canadian bacon nearby, not guilty of any of the big boys poor management, and is surviving another depression as they did in the old days. See you on Aug 8

    • If harassment is an issue, may I suggest putting some clothes on in your profile?

      How old are you really?

      Probably JA's niece (or grand-niece) or the like.

    • As Inlet pointed out you could have filed a sexual harrassement claim.

      It seems to me that an individual who allegedly was asked to trade sex favors would not be attempting to show off her body on her yahoo photo with multiple mug shots.

      I think you stuck it in their face and you got what you deserved. Now you're acting like a holy roller looking for revenge when you yourself are probably guilty of improper work conduct.

    • I say they all should be fired for showing poor judgment of female attributes if they did what you claim. Damn, anyone can see you just aren't worth it.

      too funny.

    • Clues matter little when I have nothing to lose. You probably do know who I am and who I worked for and why I left. And you can come and see me at the hospital, just try being awake when you come in (LOL) Now for why I left the great and magnificent bbt? Anyone hearing the TRUTH about how a male-dominated, glass-ceiling organization stuck on politics and ayn rand bs that can hold down an aggressive high-performing woman and how frustating it was would understand why I did what I did and feel like I feel and left for the reasons I did. If I want someone to make comments about looking down my blouse and how "great" my tits look I can do that at a bar and not have to go to work to hear it from my boss. If I want someone to touch my ass I can go to a club and I don't have to go to work for that either. If I want to hear that I was a "bitch" because I complained when I was looked over for a younger more "giving girl" (his terms not mine) then I guess my anger should be understood and justified. I left but my ex boss is still there not changed a bit. I could say men are pigs, but not all are. There are good people at bbt, in fact lots of them. But the few "old guard" guys that make the incestuous decisions to promote koolaid drinking young girls and boys over seasoned trained and proven people will get what they want. I think they are, now

    • Oh cmon child, you know I know where you used to work, why and how you left, who financed the surgery, where you ahem pose as employee/work, and I know you know I have no need or desire to pose as someone else here. Unlike some, ahem, who tried to sneak in as at least four others, kay, etc, and yoda was good with rhymes, initials, first names now wasn't she. There are 3 clues in this message. Btw ladies of class hate those lines, sometimes just loosen up a little and they disappear. Oh yeah, help ole numbie out a little would ya, I sense envy, toss him some praise. BBandT is mentally draining him, and as we both know he lost big there, twice would destroy the remains. Notice who is up today, is it Aug 8 yet

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