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  • ayscuew ayscuew Jul 9, 2008 5:17 PM Flag

    Bank America

    Ken Thompson said today "we don't need capital and we're not going to cut the dividend". What do you think that John Allison is going to say next week when he reports BB&T earnings? Just hope we reach 100,000,000 short shares before July 17th. I believe that that will be the day that we press the "up" button.

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    • He's a lemming type guy and doesn't fet the sheep analogy.

    • Oh wow. You are still missing it. Let me try again. The sheep I were referring to were part of a figure of speech. I was not discussing real sheep. I was comparing people to sheep in that they tend to follow the crowd. Is that starting to clear it up for you?

    • "You need to quit worrying about these self-imposed delusional episodes where you think anybody actually cares what you think"

      el perfecto self description numbie, long consideration on leaving board, let the cat outa the bag ole boy

    • You need to quit worrying about these self-imposed delusional episodes where you think anybody actually cares what you think or who you are and get back to worrying about those sheep. They miss you, big guy.

      And the only thing the likes of you can help me understand are things about sheep i'd rather not know. Now run along and play.

    • Explaining stuff to immature children takes awhile. The sheep mention reminds me of my early days on Parris Island, if anyone screwed up the DI would ask who told you to do that, and the usual reply was sir you sir and his response was you, do you know what a you is, a you is a female sheep, do I look like a female sheep. It only took once then as he was onch inch from your face spitting on you. Put on your smokey bear hat

    • Oh man, this really is getting tough to explain. You see, the term "sheep" is a figure of speech. Not sure how to help you understand, but I was not actually talking about the animal. Sorry but my wife says my tolerance level for ignorance is getting much worse as I get older and yet I am still a young man.

    • Awwwwwww, poor babies! Don't you see the contradiction in your message? Telling another to not give up, then you begin to give up. Good grief fellas, it's only words on a screen. Do they affect you so much you become ill? You want to be right so bad, it becomes possessive. Two things we all have, opinion and a butt. Some are just more informed than others. Some are bought and paid for. If you don't like BBandT, get away from it. If you worked and/or work for BBandT and don't like it, leave. If you lost on the stock and want revenge, it's too late mentally, but if you buy at lows, like right now, and have the ability to hang, financially you will get even. To ignore or leave the board is signalling defeat. Be like chandler who each time she is wrong, just changes nicks and returns to be wrong again. At least she doesn't give up, cause in those genes is a Marine Damn, there I go violating own brevity again.

    • >>I will consider retiring from posting on this Board.<<

      Don't do that, it's way too tiring trying to inform the masses alone. In the end, there are a few folks who listen, the rest aren't worth the effort.

      I tried swimming against the tide on another stock mb that had rabid, delusional morons that refused to listen. The mb was like a club, they even had a club house where they would all gather at night to plot against people like myself. I made a number of predictions and endured incredible abuse for my efforts.

      In the end the company went to .30, sold out and the stock became worthless. At this point in my life, I don't have the stomach for lengthy battles any more, it's just too frustrating and time consuming. Therefore, I suggest you stick around, at least that way we can exchange thoughts now and then.

      Sooner or later a few will get the message, at least that way a few will endure less pain than the rest. IMO, we're in a secular bear market, maybe in the early stages of a global one. Unfortunately, such markets are difficult to recognize until it's too late (just like recessions).

    • now what was it you said about folks seeing the future? something like" what in he** makes you think that your foolish and naive prediction is worth shi* on a stick".

      yeah, that was pretty much it. taste the words as they continue to come full circle back to you. the shoe is still on the foot.

    • you sound like you have a lot of experience with sheep.

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