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  • matollionequay matollionequay Aug 13, 2008 8:58 AM Flag


    Last night's show had a message under KFin that she's short BBT. As she's been in that position for quite a while I wonder how low it has to go for her to make money.

    Yesterday's drop was a sudden reminder of how volatile the market remains. I have been in this stock pretty deep for about a year. I also tried to catch the proverbial falling knife at 25.80, again at 21.50, and one last time at 19.95.
    At the 25.80 trade I sold the 25 call for 2.00; the price went so low I bought the call before execution for .35. Then the share price "soared" to 27.50. I sold out of the account that had the 21.50 shares (tax protected) and half the 19.95 position. The other half I used to sell the Aug 25 for $3. The 25.80 position I sold the Aug 27.50 for $2.
    Until yesterday I didn't like my trades much. But a couple more yesterdays and I keep my 27.50 calls!!!

    Like it or not, volatlity like we have seen for the last 3 months is not reassuring. BBT clearly appears better than its ilk but if financials get hammered again, we get hammered along with the rest making KFin look right which I believe she is not.

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    • At least you stand by your trades. Very refreshing and unlike all the normal nonsense on this Board. For ten years this stock has been a trade, not an investment, and the key to success is gauging the trading range that it invariably falls into. It has been very predicatable except for the last 12 mos, when market volatility has made this thing gyrate like rick James on cocaine. Good luck. I would have liked to say that the stock would have settled into its predicable dolphin-like movement, but as of this morning, it appears not to be so.

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