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  • retrooguy retrooguy Sep 23, 2008 12:10 PM Flag

    a simple question

    I have a very simple question. Where , or who, are the people who brought this financial crisis down upon our heads? And why aren't they being held to task? Time magazine says it was Wall Street. Others say it was those who sold "toxic debt". It seems that the genuises who ruined major corporations are filthy rich and Scot free while the average working chump is left holding the bag and a tab for 700 billion dollars. Keep in mind that the government doesn't have 700 billion dollars. All they have is your and my ability to work and pay taxes. I'm personally mad as hell that I've worked a lifetime to earn some degree of security and now it's threatened.

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    • I do not believe BBT was a contributor to the problem. Management has extremely high integrity and sound credit attributes.Stockholders should know this.

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      • I agree. BBT positively was not a contributor to the problem. BBT is part of the solution. That's why its stock is rising so rapidly. BBT is grounded in reality - not in the false Wall Street credo of "I'm going to make something out of nothing". Jack Allison is as conservative and solid as a rock. The underpinnings of BBT are like granite, while other institutions are falling like the house of cards they are. I've bought BBT for years. I'm holding and will buy more.

    • In the Corp we called it a CF

    • even a square has a starting point

    • Did Spoor just say Congress is a circle jerk?

      too funny

    • I am square, how can I ever be in the inner circle? Guess I'd have to lose some corners.

      too funny

    • Actually Perot's first contracts were for banks. Then he got govt contracts in the medicare arena with the state of Texas. Perot was a very hard nosed businessman and he crushed competetion that tried to take away this business.

      Over half of my time there though was spent on work for General Motors (automated manufacturing for example in the early 80s).

      The thing about Perot running though was he scared the established parties. Newt and his boys saw the handwriting on the wall and came out with a list of promises to the people. For the next few years the Reps were guided by these promises/principles not political ovjectives. As a result at the end of the century we had budget surpluses and the future looked good.

      Since then both parties have forgotten the lesson of a third party candidate taking about 20% of the vote. We need another reminder to them IMO.

      There may be no integrity in politics. I am not political, so I get to keep my integrity and vote against both major parties. :>)

      I respect the right of others to vote for whomever they want. I am a bit cynical and contend people behind the cutain vote their wallet. They pull it out and it there is $20, $50, $100 in it they vote for the incumbent party. If it is empty they vote against the incumbent party. My personal theory.

      have a good night.

    • Wilson, by all means jump in, debate and education of the citizenry is of most importance. Facts are facts, and this government circle started somewhere. I say it started in the 90s under slick willie, as the big jump, but even back to Carter in a small way. If these folks happen to have a D in front of their name so be it. If they have an R, and sit idly by, then they are in the club. As you know when the R screws up they resign, when the D, Rangel, Obama, Clinton, Kennedy/big dig, Conrad, Dodd Reid/Las Vegas land, Gore/global warming screw up etc way different story. These extremely smart people were totally unaware what they got or that CF laws were violated. What Communist China donations, what buddhist monk donations, Johnny Tree, what sell missile guidance systems to China, oh Im unaware you gotta ask Janer Reno about that

    • haha...that is indeed funny. i am guessing that would be the " inter-circle". thats were we need to be.

      hope you are doing good,


    • Take your pencil put it to paper and draw a circle, there is a start, at that point you are in control, in charge, you dictate how the circle grows, and when it ends, you are Congress, how funny is that

    • dont mean to butt in here guys, well, yeah i do too. that was just a lie.

      truth is this started where it started and there is enough for all the ceo, regulators,fed folks and the people up in dc to go around. how many fingers can you point at one time? because wherever in that group you point, it will be to a guilty party concerning this mess. not bbt , but the mess in general. i watched some of the coverage today, now it seems that all the folks up in dc saw this in the works and want to know why the feds didnt. well, if they did see it, why the heck didnt they stop it, after all those folks got a little power too.

      guilt, put the shoe on, it fits all of them. its a we did it, no not me did it, but you did it.

      oh, and the correct answer is.....the circle starts at the beginning...just kidding about that guys.


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