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  • inlet_boater inlet_boater Oct 16, 2008 12:58 AM Flag

    I don't get it

    I watched my first and only presidental debate tonight. As I have stated before I hold both major parties in disdain.

    Now I thought when Obama was talking about McCain's health insurance plan he made it sound like the $5,000 tax credit was the same as $5,000 of income. I thought surely McCain will nail his ass to the wall on this and show him to be either misrepresenting the facts or math challenged.

    Now if you are in the 25% tax bracket you have to earn $20,000 to incur $5,000 of taxes (the tax credit equivalent income in this bracket). If your benefits are worth $12,000 that adds about $3,000 to your income taxes and a $5,000 tax credit is like a $2,000 tax cut!!!!

    But, McCain didn't. So ask yourself is Obama and his staff so incompetent they don't know the difference between income and a credit? I suspect they know and intentionally misrepresent it.

    Is John McCain and his staff so stupid they let this slide without challenging it? I think they know and maybe just haven't come up with a way to explain it to the ordinary voter so they understand it. Piss poor preperation for the debate if you ask me.

    I got the impression nailing down Obama is harder than nailing jello to the wall. I also got the impression McCain is clueless as to how to get his message out.

    Well, both major candidates confirmed my disdain tonigt. I will vote for a third party candidate.

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    • It was perhaps the most famous YANKEE in American history, Benjamin Franklin, who said "he who lye down with dogs shall wake up with fleas." It is NOT a Southern expression. YE HA!!!

    • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Heheheh I rest my case

    • There was this Email being sent around. I will try to summarize. Do not know if it was true.

      A group decided to pick 12 black voters and interview them. They took John McCain's positions and said they were Obama's. All those interviewed supported those positions. Every position!!!

      They were asked what they though of Obama's VP pick of Sarah Palin. They all suopported it, thought she was a fantastic pick.

      Now is this just stupidity or is racism? Hard to know.

      As I have stated I don't support either major party candidate. So you know I don't like old people. Hehehehe. Too funny

    • look in the mirror and dont be so hard on yourself, after all you are an mba/cpa

    • "none of this has anything to do with BBT except for the market!"

      It all has everything to do with BBandT and its survival

      " I don't have a problem with a liberal, socialist, muslim, America hater being President"

      Do you realize what you're saying!
      I damn sure care if this country becomes a failed socialist country. Wonder why Canada France and Italy all went back to conservative leadership, they found out socialism didnt work. I live in that south you speak of and the old saying says if you lie down with a socialist dog that socialism is gonna get all over you

    • wow, another racist hater. You are a fool! Enough is enough and we are throwing the bums out!

      I think Ill stick with Warren Buffet on this one

    • I'm just jumping in here as none of this has anything to do with BBT except for the market!
      1st, let me say I don't have a problem with a liberal, socialist, muslim, America hater being President but he (Nobama) ain't the one!!
      There is an old saying here in the South that if you lay down with dogs with fleas they, the fleas, goin' to get all over you!
      I don't give a damn about his economic, defence or any other policy. He is just plain bad for this great country!
      If all you guys want to give your hard earned dollars away to ACORN, rev. wright or the terrorist Bill Ayers then vote for Nobama. If you want to give it away with at least some decorum, then vote McCain! Your choice. I have made mine!

    • Agree with you except for Obama wants to reduce taxes. He doesnt, he wants to win an election by saying that. His social programs(govt control) would cost near two trillion. Businesses are in business to make a profit, without that there would be no employees(taxpayers) no grocery stores, no electricians, no plumbers, no home builders, no nothing, no salary to raise a family and buy these things. Less than 50% are paying all the taxes, so if 90% of them get a tax cut(Obama promise) what is left. The top 10% wage earners pay near all the taxes, so if they get hit real hard, there goes the jobs. He promised a $3k tax credit for every job produced. Who would hire someone for 3k when it would cost them near 20x that to hire someone.

    • Think about it. Obama wants to reduce taxes for those earning less than $250k by passing the loss of these taxes to larger businesses. Idiotic. Most politicians believe voters are dumb. (They are.) Businesses do not pay tax as such. The consumer pays all the tax. The business adds the tax into the cost of the merchandise, passing it on to the consumer. This is called 'Hidden Tax'.
      Obama's social programs all sound great until you think about who is paying for them. We the tax payers.
      His 'share the wealth' philosophy really stinks.

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