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  • j.chandler68v1 j.chandler68v1 Oct 18, 2008 11:20 AM Flag

    d_wilson = inlet_boater Yep, busted AGAIN LOL

    Speaking of Schizos



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    • fweeqie, if you quit wanting my attention so bad, you might get a life

    • God you need a life Spoor.

    • kay, jennie, chandler, speare, yoda, everytime i go to the mountains you sneak in here and on a saturday to boot, when you should be out displaying your wares with the latest youngun. you now admit yoda when you so strongly denied all previously, and you know deep down ole spoor5t doesnt want need or have another nick to play with kids in here. you also know I most likely am more phyically fit than those kids in here. i also know your poetry was just fine at the time, and i reall wish you could go back again, it was fun, and you really do wish you could say gotcha babe for real, but thats in your dreams, just like it is for fweeqie girl and smarty. i am unaware of any danny thing, guess i missed that one, and you and your e mail friend have no clue who i am. you have tried so many times to say i am someone else and had me living in several diff spots, all along nor realizing how many times you were set up to think such. worry not about tough times for me, im retired and you STIL work, well at least you report in. those flowers you see everyday you wish were coming to you, if times get tough, next time you lose the current beau, i'll call some in for ya. now listen to daddys teachings a tad better, you are getting way too far away from them

    • I have no idea who spoor is nor do I have any desire to find out. I seriously doubt Wilson and spoor are the same person given different posting styles.

      Same as I know nothing about you other than what you have posted here (which is way too much information).

      As to knowing anything about me - you know zip, nada, nil, zero. Not about my intelligence level, my life and relationships or anything else. And feel free to post whatever you want about me being a bi, gay, or whatever. I am secure in myself and my orientations and your posts mean nothing to me. If it amuses you do it. Notice I am secure enough to deny nothing in response to you attempts to get under my skin.

      As to multiple IDs, I used to post here under another ID (before I even created my current ID) a long time ago, but I deleted that ID and it has not existed for many, many months. You are totally clueless as to what that ID was. And I fully expected you to deny the Danny C Lover ID was yours (doesn't change the truth).

      Believe me when I tell you - I don't give a crap about you, your online fantasties or anything else in what you so generously call a life.

      Now, leave us real people alone and get back to your dreary existence you call a life.

      too funny

      And you just made my iggy list, because you bore the crap outta me. I am now going to deposit a Jenny in the toilet bowl.

    • Spoor, known as stil, wilson, on and on. He has more ids than age spots on his overweight and bloated physique (lol gotcha babe)

      Inlet known here as a less-than-knowledgeable investor (doesn't know diff between assets and liabilities, clearly, arguing about "deposits are assets" your quote not mine, too funny) and his many ids he "chats" with (his schizo nature kicking in)

      I have several ids, too. I was one of the several "yodas" as stil mentioned, but not as good as the others (I am not a poet and know it!) But, as my Daddy used to say, "Honest to goodness" the "Danny" id is not mine. Wish I had thought something as perverse as you did but that is why we are different (thank GOD!) I thought it was one of you at first but then I remembered, got an email acknowledging. He knows who "spoor stil" is as I do. If times get tough we can always send flowers, right?

      That my little bi inlet-outlet friend is too funny.

      Now, I am ignoring you not because of your lack of intelligence or anything else, but simply because you are boring and not very funny. To be funny requires intelligence something you are missing. Get it? Right, probably not.


      By the way the stock is doing well thanks to Kelly not JA too funny

    • Jenny, Jenny - you are being extremely boring speculating about my sexual activity and the size of "little inlet".

      Post all the pics online you want, I am sure there are many who will view them - I won't be one of them. You just don't interest me that much.

      Last WE at least you making up Danny C Lover showed a little imagination. This WE your post is just blah.

      Not even funny

    • You are funny--"two" funny.

      If you know me then you probably know who my little bbt friend is, wouldn't you? I don't ask for all of this attention and I get a lot more contact from ex bbters telling me what is happening (including the girls you refer to-lol)

      This is too funny. Please tell me more about me and my pre-fix body, that would be interesting. More than the usual dribble you post (or is the dribble on your chin?)

      Inlet has so many profiles here he gets confused. But who wouldn't with one hand on little inlet while he looks at my pics

      Too funny

    • Well, ya see Kay/Jennie et al has multiple nicks and personalities. I know and she knows I know all, including her previous work site, bosses name, her real name, and each time she thinks she is playing someone, she doesnt realize she is being played. I think one day I will suggest a this is your life for her. There are many stories from the pre fix my body life. You should talk to her close, heheh, friend Yoda sometime. Lotta animals like clover.

    • Spoor -I'm not original enough to make this stuff up. I went to the Peoplefinders web site and did a search on Dan, Danny, Daniel Cloverfield and there was no hit in the entire USofA....

      That is why it is -

      outrageously funny

    • Not just too funny! Hillarious!!!!

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