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  • mcb_gvl mcb_gvl Nov 14, 2008 10:56 AM Flag

    BUSH still in office. BBT wont surge til Barack takes over

    These liberal morons who voted for Barak Obamma and Kay Hagan are going to get exactly what they asked for. A depression that will make the 30s look like a cakewalk.

    Amazing how easy it is to fool a lot of American using the words change and hope.

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    • The Republicans gave us all this shit, now you better be on your knees thanking us that we are here to clean it up.

      Thank god we have a Harvard Grad to assemble an amazing team and do the work.

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      • THANK YOU!!!! The saviour is here!!! ROFLMFAO!!!!

        20% interest rates and 12% unemployment in the first two years. Let's talk then and see how many thanks we owe you F***ing liberals.

        However, I do have to say that the Republican Party betrayed us . . . John McCain? Come on, if JM can get 46% of the popular vote, just think what a REAL conservative Republican that represents US would have done.

      • pickle_short_of_a_happymeal pickle_short_of_a_happymeal Nov 14, 2008 2:07 PM Flag

        LMAO! Google the Community Reinvestment Act, which was expanded by Clinton to help ensure that everyone with a minimum wage job and $5 in their pocket could buy a $250,000 home, regardless of their ability to repay the loan.

        Every time Bush pushed for more regulation to prevent this mess, especially since '06 when the Democrats took control of Congress, the Democrats refused and said there were no problems. This is their mess and, with them having control of the Congress and White House, they must produce or they will have only themselves to blame.

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