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  • wtkace wtkace Nov 10, 2008 8:30 PM Flag

    BUSH still in office. BBT wont surge til Barack takes over

    Amazing so many idiots voted for Bush, and then McCain & Palin

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    • Ok lets try again, who else besides autos will require a bailout? how much will it be? and what will be the result?......uh...uh...uh....BB&T is lead by the great JA!!!....uh...uh...I am happy!!....I have made money in this stock!.....uh...uh...uh....Barack Hussein Obama is bad but my money is all in gold bullion!....uh....uh...uh.....I trade on the highs and lows and dont tell people price targets, but i always magically get it right....uh....uh...uh...the Ladies love me....uh...uh...uh...liberals are really bad....uh ...uh...uh....I am richer than you...uh....uh...uh...(I just gave all your standard answers, not how about a real one from you)

    • OK dummy fweeq girl, heres a predict, you are gonna be unhappier for a loooooooooooooong time paying for the auto workers union pension fund and health care. You will be living on crackers and paste trying to scrape by, while I enjoy my 40+ yrs of $$ made from BBandT

    • So, who is next, oh sage of retardland? Perhaps you can illuminate for all us dummies. Sort of like how you never give a forecast on BB&T, just how much money you have made "trading the stock" for the past decade.

    • Yeah thats why we had the largest post election selloff in history two days in a row after election. I hope you give your mba/cpa clients,ahem, what a hoot better advice

    • JC Watts & C Rice, you've got to be kidding!!

      Powell is where he should be, with Obama.

    • Everyone knows that anyone who calls another racist without knowing them, is by definition a racist. Another amazing reason how you could ever be an mba/cpa, again pity for your, ahem, what a hoot, clients!! Fact is just because I disagree with the policies of Hussein doesn't make it anything more than just that. There are numerous black folks I would vote for, among them Dr Thomas Sowell, and Professor Walter Williams of George Mason U, all brilliant economists with great common sense and a full lifes experience. Meaning they would appoint great national security folks in their cabinets. Condolezza Rice a brilliant Professor, Secretary of State, who would appoint great economists such as the above. My choices would be made on their records, not what the press and media cya for such as Slick and Hussein. Character, good morals, not anti american. Even though Colin Powell endorsed Hussein, I know him as a brilliant military mind, well educated in the world politics, and knowledge of the worlds leaders, and in no way anti american. JC Watts, a great moral conservative and Congressman, Chenault of AMEX, brilliant CEO, and mind. The problem with youse guys is the ability to think for self, no openmindedness whatsoever, party line speech without fact

    • Everyone knows that Numbnuts Spoor is a racist old school chump, just wants more of the same

    • Typical lib, reads but does not understand, and asks another to do his slapping for him, oh that I could get the chance to step up to you and say, havattit punk

    • Bush doesnt pass regulation, he calls for it, Congressional Committee heads decide what is brought to the floor and what isn't, and can pressure lending institutions in many ways. Bush called for reform 13 times during his terms and was denied. Did you btw go to a liberal school, and unaware we have 3 branches of govt. You may recall the 94 Congress Contract with America, which passed Welfare Reform and forced Slick to sign it kicking and screaming via pressure from voters, and he claimed he would fix it later. Now libs give him the credit even though he fought it, all the while denying Whitewater and a blue dress. Whitewater was the precursor to fannie and freddie, and a guy named Cuomo had a HUUUUUUGE hand in creating it. Wall Street has many hands, among them Schumer, Dodd, Conrad, Reid, Pelosi, Rockefeller, Kennedy, Boxer, Feinstein, et al.

    • pickle_short_of_a_happymeal pickle_short_of_a_happymeal Nov 14, 2008 2:18 PM Flag

      It's not Obama's fault. He hasn't even shown up for work in the Senate 80% of the time, so he can't be blamed for what his fellow Democrats did. However, we have every right to be wary of his economic policies which are virtually guaranteed to make this mess worse. Anyone who has taken high school economics knows raising taxes during a recession is a bad idea. Obama missed that day in class, but hopefully he will relent on his plan to tax us into prosperity.

      Before anyone mentions Clinton's tax hike, remember that we were in a period of unprecidented expansion due to the .com boom and Y2K build-up, so the tax hike had minimal effect. The same, or similar, tax increase during a recession could be disasterous.

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