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  • wtkace wtkace Nov 17, 2008 1:45 PM Flag

    BUSH still in office, Socialist GOP failure

    Until BUSH leaves...


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      U.S. DISTRICT COURT AFFIRMS FIRST AMENDMENT The Center for Military Readiness is celebrating victory in litigation that President Elaine Donnelly described as "harassment by feminist advocates who misused the Court to threaten my rights of free speech. This victory upholds the right of CMR to question official policies that elevate risks, and to advocate high, uncompromised standards in naval aviation training."

      The lawsuit was filed in April 1996 by former Lt. Carey Dunai Lohrenz, who was one of the first two women trained to fly the F-14 Tomcat. In October 1994 her colleague, Lt. Kara Hultgreen, crashed and died while attempting to land on the carrier U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln. Lohrenz was removed from carrier aviation in May 1995, due to flawed flying techniques that her superiors described as "unsafe, undisciplined, and unpredictable." With the help of attorney Susan Barnes, a feminist activist, Lohrenz blamed Donnelly for causing her to wash out by publishing the 1995 CMR Special Report: Double Standards in Naval Aviation Training. The 20-page report, backed by 104 pages of training records and related documents, exposed a pattern of low scores and major errors in the F-14 training of both women that may have contributed to the tragic death of Kara Hultgreen.

      On Friday, August 16, U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia GRANTED CMR’s Motion for Summary Judgment, dismissing Lohrenz’s action "with prejudice."

      Judge Lamberth also DENIED a cross-Motion for Partial Summary Judgment filed by Lohrenz, who asked the Court to declare her a "private individual" eligible to sue Donnelly and CMR for libel and defamation. Instead, Judge Lamberth found Lohrenz to be a "limited purpose public figure," who was featured in abundant news coverage since 1991. Lohrenz was at the epicenter of a significant public controversy--not just women in combat aviation, but long-standing questions about special treatment in training. That controversy intensified after the death of Lt. Kara Hultgreen.

      CMR lead attorney Kent Masterson Brown, of counsel with Webster, Chamberlain & Bean in Washington D.C., hailed the massive, well reasoned 55-page opinion as "A tremendous victory for the First Amendment." Brown noted that, "Even though Judge Lamberth properly considered the evidence ‘in the light most favorable to the plaintiff,’ he found that Elaine Donnelly and CMR acted responsibly and without ‘actual malice’."

      In the Court’s opinion, Lamberth found that since "Donnelly [took] care in verifying her facts and sources," he could not rule in favor of the plaintiff, Carey Lohrenz. "Donnelly did obtain portions of plaintiff’s training records, did confirm that the facts contained in those records were correct, and did base her publication on those portions."

      The Court acknowledged that some Navy officials disagreed with Donnelly’s conclusions, even as they confirmed that the facts she had obtained from her source were "largely accurate." The opinion affirms that Donnelly had the First Amendment right to question "the Navy’s ‘party line’," especially since experienced aviators who reviewed Lohrenz’s training records told her that they were the worst they had ever seen."
      Typical fweeq lib throw it out and hope no one knows or remembers the slick willie lowering of standards resulting in death of a substandard female carrier pilot attempting to land

      BBandT STIL rules

    • I remember back when all the chicken littles were screaming about women in cockpits, same baseless fears. We came out all right then, unless you think the military has done poorly over the past 6 years, and it will be all right in the future, even with all the shrill homophobes crying.

    • I can't believe I voted for him twice! The worst President in my lifetime, hands down.

    • you'll be happy, Hussein to delay repeal of dont ask dont tell, maybe you should join the military, as another of his promises broken

    • yes, more slick than you'll ever be...and richer...and happier...more famous...people actually listen to them because they have something to say, etc. need I go on? And what about you, on the internet yahoo Boards. I am sure they will hang on your every word. I'll be sure to get a transcript of your post rants to the Obama team, I am sure they will want to know how to govern and will need your help.

    • Hussein wont be doing anything, George Soros and the slick crowd will be calling shots

    • well your dying moments come in the next 12 months, so you will never know

    • You're suggeting Obama is not going to do a good enough job to get his party's nomination in 2012?

    • Spoor kills self.


    • George "Dubya" Bush

      Absolute worst President of all time!!

      Ill make my scoops just before Jan 20th, 2009.

      • 3 Replies to bank2savy
      • I use to think it was Carter--but you are right Bush is the worst in my 63 years

      • You better re-read your history books. Carter was the worst. Most of the problems in the middle east can be trace directly back to him.
        GOP socialist. You better look at this again. Democrats have always been the party to "share the wealth".

      • Lets review, largest post election 2 day selloff in history, selloff has continued as business doing layoffs and selling now to avoid Husseins capital gains increase, suddenly now deficit spending is OK says Husseins spokesperson, suddenly the war wont end immed says Hussein spokesperson, US and Iraq sign 3 year withdrawal agreement, EVERYONE will have to sacrifice says Hussein, most things promised will have to wait says Hussein, Corporations announcing record low sales, not meeting expectations, consumers says will spend less from now on, Corporations expect lower sales well into 2009, Steelers change in majority ownership will be completed this year so as to avoid capital gains increase next year. And the end result of Hussein election, less revenue to government, thus more tax increase in a bad economy, thus fweeq, smarty, ace and cohorts pay more, resulting in my utter joy at the continued unhappiness of the above when the light comes on. Tonight the neighbor ladies are doing a group dinner for the guys. Life is good

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