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  • FunnieBucket FunnieBucket Jan 8, 2009 3:49 PM Flag


    although i think BBT is still going to get slammed hard, it's time to COVER SHORT and let the INDEX take all beaten up stocks higher for the next couple of weeks -- i will Re-SHORT BBT at higher prices

    we have reached a temporary saturation point as BBT was hit harder than the rest of the stock market


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    • queeefo,
      you know why he is here, cuz he is bored and wants to watch his BBT sink to new lows while he posts over 4,000 messages of pure uselessness

    • Why then are YOU on the message Board?

    • We? Us? Abuse? From a bunch of punk kids on a message board! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
      hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah heheheh
      heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh - slaps knees
      You really dont have a clue do ya

    • i knew your sorry azz would show up, that's cuz you have nothing else to comment upon since you can't make a recommendation

      everyone knows you're a fraud, and if BBT is a fraud, then you two will be a perfect match

      we are all laughing at you lack of intellect -- boy how the mighty have fallen -- you show lack of leadership -- you keep fogging out old man -- why do you come back to take such abuse? -- are you bored? -- a few of us here come to share ideas and make predictions, something you have zero talent of doing -- we are all laughing at you -- glad i could be the one to show everyone what a loser you really are

      now, for those who like to make money trading, it is of my opinion that the stock market was short-term oversold the past 5 days of trading and we are facing a basing process that has the likely odds of turning back up once again -- this is why i am not short on BBT nor any other stock at this time -- we will get SHORT on BBT at the top once again -- now we have to hope this crappy stock gets over 25, if that is possible, ya never know with crap stocks cuz every pop-up in the stock price presents itself with a selling opportunity to bail so ya don't get caught in the disaster

      stand aside and wait for the SHORT ENTRY

      hey, mold spore! you just got free info there didn't ya there moldy

    • And the good part is he doesnt even have to try to be superior

    • your track record sucks

      we are still waiting for your recommendations since you are so smart and superior to us feeble minded spectators

      if BBT turns out to be a fraud, you're gonna look like some shyt head retard with nothing but a tarnished reputation

    • "MOLD Spore" - LMFAO

    • i bought GDX and GLD at 16+ and 70+ not too long ago on their last visit to those levels -- i can't argue your thinking on GOLD

      Treasuries are a Bubble -- even a grade school kid like inlet a gerbil and mold spore can figure out that one

    • Funnie, dollar was looking good when everything buckled, but now with all the fed money and no way to really pay it, the dollar may get crushed. Everyone is racing to devalue their currency right now. This is the next "bubble", first it was stocks in the late 90s, then debt and real estate value, and now its going to be currencies. Treasuries are way over bought. Pretty soon the world is going to quit backing a dollar with no intrinsic value and then all hell will break lose. Interest rates to the moon, the fed will stay low, yield curve sttepens, and then the best investment will be...GOLD. (and not BB&T) Gold will go over $2k per ounce in 36-48 months

    • jams5006 Jan 9, 2009 5:16 PM Flag

      whY spoor are you that unhappy! All you and in do is cry- cry- cry. You need to sell your 3 shares and take a pill. If you sell now you can buy me a sandwich at subway. I will not roll you over the coals for it or ignore you. or insult your money management skills.

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      • my happiness comes from listening to you guys whine about BBandT and acting like brilliant analysts and provoking you into demonstrating what children you are, all the while spending my $$$ gained from BBandT who just keeps on keepin on despite that self described brilliance. You guys come and go like flies. A month from now there will be 5 new ones like you. Now get back to work

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