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  • sanfranman1991 sanfranman1991 Jan 15, 2009 6:03 PM Flag

    To Inlet_boater and Spoor, mainly Inlet

    My name is John and I am 17 years old. I live in San Francisco CA and over the past few years, I have been shadowing my father. What I have been starting to learn more and more about is the stock market. My father is EXTREMELY successful in his endeavors so I figured I would follow in his footsteps. Well one piece of advice he gave me was, to follow the message boards to find out what is going on in the company. My father has also taken an interest in BB&T Bank since he says they are extremely conservative and still making money even in this economy.

    Well long story short, I have been reading this message board for over a year and I must are a turd. My father and his friends laugh at everything you post. He goes on to say that the two of you are "poor pathetic souls and are blog bullies!" I figured I would just sit back and read what you two have to say, but after reading all the hateful things you say and post, I figured I would let you know what a multi-millionaire has to say about your pathetic butts.

    Now I know you will retaliate to this posting, but whatever. I'm sure you will say you also are worth a lot of money, but I speak for the rest of us...WE DON'T CARE! Go get yourself a woman and if you must, a prositute. You should come visit San Fran...we are pretty relaxed when it comes to this sort of stuff.

    Take care,


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    • going under 19 today -- keep laughin it up there sPOOR

    • But you are a liar, a hypocrite.

      You are not ignoring me, iggy, LOL!

      See you can't help yourself, little boater

    • We! Us! Hahahahahahahaqhahahahahahah
      heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh-you really dont have a clue do you

    • you're a riot there mold spore -- can't even buy a girl a ticket to come visit you to get laid in your cheap condo with no mountain side view -- i knew you were poor, so now your new name is s-POOR as in stupid-POOR

      can you believe this jerk sure-POOR had us all thinking he was hangin with the riches in the expensive side of town, turns out he is still trying to rub 2 nickels together -- sPOOR! that is extremely embarrassing!! don't you have any shame??? we're all thinking Tahoe or Colorado or somewhere the snow actually falls -- instead you are in the upper deck cheap seats

      i can't insult you anymore -- i am done -- you insulted yourself enough

      can't even send the girl a greyhound bus ticket to come see you... you're a total POS -- we're all through with you

    • "Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Profiles.

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      fix it. Our new profile on Yahoo! product is currently in BETA mode and
      we're fixing some of the quirks associated with our launch.

      We have identified the cause of your error and we're working hard to
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      correct this bug"

      Chandler its no wonder our country is in the shape its in. Now pay attention, im not in the mtns of NC, im in Snowshoe/Blackwater Falls Wva. Ski Resort and State Park. Have been coming here for decades to the cabin. May be too far and/or expensive for you on your salary thus my suggestion you have the next boy bring you sometime. Again let go of your obsession of me, it aint ever gonna happen. I have no idea what hello is other than a greeting in everyday life. Thks for the tip on my profile

    • Glad I could be of service to my fav Semper Fi guy :)

      Could it be another alias from another Message Board?

      A Freudian slip?

      Or the name of some lost soul who is spending time in the North Carolina mountains with his mrs?

      LOL, you really had me at "Hello" Let's do it and get together and chat. Tell me where you are at and I'll come visit.

      Btw, how should I dress? Should I bring my pajamas? Or my Victoria's collection? ;)

    • whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nellie I just looked and damned if there isnt a carl c there. gonna contact yahoo and axe them how in hell, film at 11

    • I dont have a profile, and never heard of CarlC

    • Lord girl, I just told you last week in a post here

    • Just trying to help


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