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  • FunnieBucket FunnieBucket Jan 23, 2009 9:55 AM Flag

    Love the smell of shorts burning

    hey moldy! glad to see you on this bright sunshiny sky blue day with birds singing and yet another continued destructive day for BBT -- must of been those fantastic party good earnings!! wall street has a hangover from staying up way to late to celebrate those great YOY Q4 Earnings -- your stock is once again getting trashed?? i must have read the #s wrong, like so many others too? good thing i am not alone!! you poor child, you must be heartbroken -- do you need a medic to stop the bleeding in BBT? -- are you sure i am the clueless one? -- let's look at the scoreboard cuz we know wall street never gets it wrong -- the stock is in the 18s -- seems to me wall street has it correct -- is there another exchange where BBT is listed at a much higher value that we are all missing?? please provide that link, and preferably not from your CFA, cuz i almost killed a CFP from laughter when i told him of your insightful article

    you're LONG and held the stock since over 30 -- i was going short there -- if i remember my basic 2nd grade math which you had to take over again since you flunked out, i believe you're getting annihilated while i laughed my way to the bank -- i ask you sincerely, when are you going to stop the self-abuse or showing up here and making yourself look silly?

    keep up the good work, moldy

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