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  • queefoo queefoo Feb 12, 2009 4:37 PM Flag


    LMFAO - pretty soon I can have the same basis as your 476 year old stock and the same yield, HAHAHAHA, and I will not have wasted 30 years on the hold.


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    • What's that old saying, "he'd rather look good and lose, than look bad and win."

    • his royal moldness, now that is funny! -- classic frustrated investor writes his useless crap that pacifies himself -- losing value in all his assets -- he is our class clown

    • Funnie,
      You dont understand His Moldness. He doesnt really care if you make money. He has lost money money holding this stock for over 10 years and he compensates (like so much else), by making up stories about his brilliant trading (which he only reports after the fact). His Moldness's real contribution to this board is entertainment. His anger, resentment, and jealousy are wonderful. he is a nice contrarian barometer (i.e. if he says BB&T is great, then short - which would have been a winner for 10 straight years - hows that for performance). BTW, stock is up today, just think only $40+ more on the spot and it might be a worthwhile 13 year investment. HA

    • moldy, i need a clue, will you help me, my reply post to my own message was just too perfect, can you help me wreck it?

      by now you must be wondering how does FunnieBucket do it with such ease -- it's ok, we forgive you for being so lame

    • moldy is pissed off cuz i have been flawless in my trading

      boys and girls, he has no idea what he is doing -- his delusion of a couple million dollars saved up living in some slumlord cheap seats he calls mountains that are no higher than a mow hill -- this guy can't compete with me, he'd get eaten up by the vicious double A curve ball, even after his jenny craig training

      my track record speaks for itself -- please see my other message thread that i will gladly re-post and still stick with confidence that i will be once again amazingly right as i continue to help out those who like to make money -- anyone that has followed my recommendations has been and continues to make a bundle of money -- they can't make this game any easier -- or you can follow moldy's hapless predictions, which so far to date have been none, as well as useless banter -- that guy is our class clown

    • BBT is one of the better banking stocks, with strong fundamentals. It should leave the way in banking when things do turn in about 9-12 months. Spoor is still a piece of shit human.

    • Are you ever going to post anything remotely connected to BB&T's stock price performance, its direction, outlook, forecasts, etc., or just more nonsense? Perhaps you could do that and for the rest, start up a blog and those who wish to read your stuff can go there. you assert you know so much about this company and its mgmt, but never elaborate, other than how great it is and how conservative and moral they are.


    • Poor Spoor

    • Amazing the brilliance of an mba/cpa on BBandT board, such insight and analysis, and doesnt even understand tilt

    • man.., you ain't just a kidding, that poor SPOOR dude is really on FULL TILT

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