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  • eltoro224 eltoro224 Feb 17, 2009 4:08 PM Flag

    hope u guys r happy

    I hope alll you guys who voted for obama are happy, as you can tell by the market everyone is excited about his stimulus plan.

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    • i wonder what the old jewish people in fla who voted for Obama tell there fellow homelanders why they voted for him. He as most of us knew , backed the bus right over them. i know most are old butfor sure they had more sense than that.

    • God where do you guys come from. The CIA FBI foreign relation peeps were the same in slicks era as they were in W era, and reporting same all along so dont try and make it suddenly appear after 9/11. Elementary kids know that. Point being libs were for war all along, what part of only one voted against war did you miss. And last, the USA requiring approval from anyone especially the UN is ludicrous. You apparently missed the part where the Prez prime duty is defense of the USA, not turning us into a socialist country and giving a billion to Hamas

    • "all the libs, ya see aj, Congress has committees, like intel, defense, foreign relations, who sit in on all meetings daily along with the Majority leaders of both houses. The know all the intel as soon as the exec leaders know"

      The know all the intel as soon as the exec leaders know? the know? wow your english is just as bad as George Bush's, maybe you need a teleprompter to help you out. And your previous statement of both majority leaders having access to intel doesn't prove anything. What is your point? so you're saying that the intel gathered from the dem's side lead to the war, you are positive and have proof that the faulty intel came from the dem's side. You see mold spoor, intel came from the CIA, it was very unsubtantial, evidence was lackluster, dept of energy, david albright, sen feinstein (d) all questioned the evidence. When asked to provide more evidence white house officials kept sayin in post 9/11 theres no time to dig up more evidence. Iraq is too much of a threat. Then the president goes on tv on his war rant, doesn't even get an approval from the U.N. , and gets all this public sentiment to support us going to war to get back at these "terrorists", what do you think congress is going to do right after 9/11. man...this has already been proven time and time again yet you are in such denial, is limbaugh givin you bj's in a bathroom stall while you feed him oxycontin pills?

    • You really have no clue how govt works do ya? Amazing but I understand public school and liberal univ education these days, or lack of that is. Ya see aj, I remember the slick willie days when everyone in Congress was begging willie to go to war in Iraq based on, duuuuuh, intel. Now when I say everyone, I mean folks like Kennedy, Biden, Dodd, Reed, all the libs, ya see aj, Congress has committees, like intel, defense, foreign relations, who sit in on all meetings daily along with the Majority leaders of both houses. The know all the intel as soon as the exec leaders know. God you really dont have a clue do ya. God where do you people come from. Again libs prob is they listen to media and press BS. What I just told you is a matter of public record. Prove what I just told is false. Prove it child. Btw what is queada

    • OK aj, the clue stand is right over there.

    • and the bottom line is this...we all know youre mad, mad at the world, mad at democrats, blaming obama, but the bottom line is your mad bc you're losing money in your pathetic little stock portfolio, and esp from this piece of junk stock BBT. You think BBT should be wayyyyy higher then what you bought it at, its not, so you need to take your anger and blame out on obama. Obama didn't pick your stocks for you, you did, you're the imbecile that lead to you losing money on your portfolio. You are part of the problem, like many others who took out a second mortgage on his home, invested in stock, lost a ton of money on it, now defaulted on loans, payments, and has nowhere to turn but to blame obama. Take some responsiblity for your actions, step up and try bein a man for once in your life, and realize you are not good with money, you should have made better choices, and then you wouldn't have sucha bone to pick w/ everybody.

    • Mold Spoor,

      Don't forget that although congress voted for the war, they voted for it under false pretenses, under false information, information that George Bush even admitted was faulty - i.e. weapons of mass destruction being in iraq which we all know wasn't there. Yes that's the war i'm talking about. So you're gonna blame the democrats for faulty info that bush's appointee's went out and got? And then for us to go to war spending billions upon billions which could have helped us out in dire times like now makes the republican party dimwits. They honestly should be getting on their knees begging us for forgiveness for the recession they've handed down to us. They should be going door to door to every hardworking american and saying sorry we screwed you over by sending your kids to a meaningless war wasting billions of taxpayer money on it thats produced what: more terrorists. Bang up job GW. He managed to create more instability, more terrorism, more power to al queada then ever before. I.E. road bombs, ieds blasting away at soldiers humvees, no real government in place in iraq. And for what? when the real terrorists responsible for 9/11 weren't even remotely associated with IRAQ. Get a freaking clue, do your own research, and stop speaking on cable chatter you hear from your idols limbaugh, and sean hannity.

    • The one that contains the rock you live under. Jobs lost in Jan 614,000, jobs lost in Feb around 650,000, none of which are govt jobs. Anyone heard about cutbacks in Congress or the WH? God, where do you people come from?

    • Well they are making $$$ and paying divvy, thats the american way I always thought, not looking to govt like the socialist in here

    • I don't believe Obama created this mess. George Bush / Republicans started us down this path of bailing out the failures.

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      • God, where do you people come from? Since Hussein was elected 3 trillion of personal wealth has been lost, and the dow is down 3000 points. When the liberal socialist took over Congress
        in 2006, Bush and McCain tried to get them to investigate fannie and freddie numerous times only to be ignored and derided for even suggesting such, Pelosi, Frank, Dodd, Watters, Watts, et al, and the leaders of those two agencies walked out with 90+ million parachutes. This is all public record, and as clever as you are, Im sure you can find it. All had low interest deals and placed on fav lists and friends of, and as smart as they normally claim to be, why they had no clue they got those deals. Then you clever liberals elected them back again and now we have tax cheats in Husseins cabinet, who also are clever, especially the Treasury Secty who ran the phony bailout bills for Paulson, who also is a liberal, who also made sure the liberal led wall street groups got big bucks, and clever as usual, they are all back asking for more, like Citi now for the fourth time, and AIG for the third time. Man those republicans are really clever to do all this eh! God where do you people come from

      • buynwily Mar 3, 2009 12:38 PM Flag

        with Pelosi forcing them through. Obama needs to force her out. Miss lipstick is a pathetic roll model.

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