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  • urstuck2000 urstuck2000 Feb 20, 2009 2:12 PM Flag

    BUSH is not only a

    WAR CRIMINAL-but he destroyed this country as well!

    The same Republicans bad mouthing the bail out are the same bastards that allowed the worst spending spree in American history!

    If America were a stock, you could short it! Naw, too late for that now!

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    • The economy was rolling along fine until the Democrats took over Congress after the 2006 election and promised "change." That's all we have left after they took our dollars. Unemployment jumped from 4.5% to over 7%, the Dow is down about 40% (with the other indexes down similarly) and consumer confidence is through the floor. There's change we can believe in! Also, the Dow peaked at just over 11700 under Clinton and reached 14000 under Bush, but why let facts get in the way of bashing Bush for something over which he had little control?

    • Bush and the Republicans also exhibited socialist tendancies -- just not anywhere near to the extent of the Democrats. Socilaism has failerd the world over and socialist policies will fail here in the US.

    • you my friend get it. You see it clearly....I cant figure out why the liberals dont see what is it that they are really that stupid? or that they just that lazy and want less freedom ...and think they will be taken care of by the hard working peoples tax money?
      The way they are so easily manipulated by the media amazes me.

    • all you weak minded liberals would have voted for Osama bin laden if the media had pushed that. You are all idiots.
      You will be begging the Strong Republican save your sorry asses when after a few years your little community organizer and his idiot cohorts in congress run this once great country into the ground. You pathetic liberal cancers sicken me. All you liberal retards should have been sure you would agree with that since you believe in that also.........and the only reason you still whine about President that you cant really defend that empty suit you voted into bush bashing is a diversion so you dont have to face the fact that your mesiah is nothing but a rubber stamp for the polosi criminals.

    • you are an deserve what you get from your magical leader you fool.

    • Bush destroyed our country, and Obama has save us.

      Another unpatriotic Republican response deserves decapitation

    • Urstuck2000 you're a moron.

      Bush and the Republicans didn't cause this. You've got to go back to the root of the problem which lies with Jimmy Carter and the Community Reinvestment Act that was passed by Congress in 1977 (Democratic controlled).

      Then, good old Billy Bill Clinton decided to make every scum bag in America own a home. He lowered and pressured banks to make crappy loans.

      Now, add Barney Frank and Chris Dodd to the mix.

      But wait, we're not done.

      You've got to add Pelosi & Reid into the mix and an inexperienced President who only sat in the Senate for 42 days and now your recipe for disaster comes together.

      Let's appoint people who do their income taxes with Turbo Tax software and then dodge their payments for years.

      Wake up you moron!

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