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  • d_wilson64 d_wilson64 Feb 27, 2009 3:34 PM Flag

    Bank returned the money

    Just saw where a small bank is going to return the tarp money. symbol IBKC.
    Small bank has a rally on its hands.

    hope everybody has a good weekend,


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    • As the previous poster said, CPP was part of the original TARP legislation. The government bought preferred shares issued by the banks. It was intended to further bolster capital in banks so they could increase lending.

      TARP = Troubled Asset Relief Program was supposed to be where the government was going to buy troubled assets from the banks. I'm not even sure they've bought anything under the TARP part of the legislation.

    • NTRS did the same after the market closed and sent Barney Boy a letter to STFU because his rants and grandstanding is hurting charities these sponsorships help.

      Maybe these two banks will at least make the shorts think, but I doubt it. The short play on financials will at some time be the same as $147 oil, all bubbles burst at some point, could be a start.
      I would also guess more banks that can pay the money back will do so early next week, as the two that have now own the markets they are in, as big money knows they are sound.JMO of course.

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