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  • matollionequay matollionequay Mar 4, 2009 4:30 PM Flag

    bbt to be trading in single digits within 2 weeks

    I guess some want a "quick fix" to the entire banking industry. I prefer something a little more methodical like a visit to the biggest banks to see how well they may stand up to the future. That apparently is in process and may take another month.

    One interseting factoid I came across is this: The 4th largest bank in the US is something like 4x the size of #5. So the top 4 are really a whole different set of issues than the rest. C and BAC with JPM and WFC.

    Does BBT hold any securitized debt?

    Does BBT hold any mortgages it did not originate and underwrite? Is BBT holding any mortgages it might have otherwise packaged and sold but couldn't because the market for such dried up?

    Ditto on home improvement, car, and consumer loans.

    Does BBT hold any bonds of troubled banks?

    From what we read and are told, this bank stayed away from the risky business.

    Unfortunately, the economy is tanking and what would normally be good business is getting shakier every day. Even KK backed off any certainty of results in the face of 10% unemployment (conference call).

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