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  • nocturnalgator nocturnalgator Apr 13, 2009 11:09 PM Flag

    bb@t tarp money

    as a small business owner bb@t raised our interest rate last week from 3.25% up to 4.75% thanks uncle sam keep helping small business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • lets all get togather and help the banks again ! The hell with the american workers that pay the taxes to support the bull !

    • dummutha Apr 18, 2010 6:09 PM Flag

      True! Absolutely!

    • dummutha Apr 18, 2010 6:05 PM Flag

      U mean banks thought they could afford to borrow that much and repay it. Consumers cannot predict the future! Financial institutions are in the business of doing that!!!

    • a year later any fresh thinking going on !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • PS. to the previous messsage,just felt like venting sense the last 10 years have been terrible for our life time business and most recently down bad in the market too. It's has never been like this except maybe the 30's, thank you again.

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      • Nocturnal, do you realize that you are in the smaller half of the US population. You are paying taxes. Over half of the US population is sponging on the American tax payer.
        Think about it. Over half of the citizens and all of the illegals are enjoying the taxes you pay. Most do not pay ANY income tax, many get earned income credit (refund from taxes you pay) and welfare.
        Think about it. We are just about a welfare state. The only problem I have is I can't get on the gravy train. I have always had to work for what I got.

      • hey, sorry about your business. Seeing lifetime family-businesses go under all around my area. Truly sad. Only the big ones get the govt money and flaunt it.

      • Sounds like whining to me. You seem to forget as recent as 3 years ago prime interest rates were 8% more or less. Now since you said your rate was 3.5% how many times did you post telling how your rates were lowered by BB&T. I see. You didn't.

        You admit times are tough and you have lost lots in the market. Now being a non-banker I would say that you became a more risky customer and I would increase your rates form 25% a month to 50%.

        You don't post when your rates were cut, you post bad mouthing BB&T when your rates are raised. Yep, that is whining!!!

    • first of all thanks for the response of all who chosen to do so. I do wish each and every one of you could understand exactly my thoughts of business and how much I think this country needs manufacturing. One exception would be the likes of "The Axmen" which is being made for a dramatic TV show, OSHA would have a field day with. To the person wanting a safe bank for his/her deposit all banks are FDIC secured, even BBT would be safe for deposits even though in essence they are insolvent! remember the app. 3.5 billion trap which can not be payed back now. our bussiness would not be running now if we was to have done like most all knowing banks,thank you sir!
      as for the responders who did not understand we have a credit line of which we are only using part of,no other payments no other obligations, never in our long run in bussiness have we ever forgone or been late on a payment,almost a lifetime (40 yrs.)app.
      A whiner No we have been though our rough times, 7 out of 10 mills have shut down in a 40 mile radius sense 9/11 (one of the remaining three just burnt completely) As with ALL business a little help would not have hurt, oh but wait now that all bussiness are failing some are getting a golden spoon! we just want a fair shake and believe in free interprize,Lets just let the market do what needs to be done ( how many of the responders jobs would be gone or will be ) I know we can not let this happen!
      thank again noct.

    • Maybe you should not have gotten a variable rate loan?

    • A 4.75% interest rate is extremely reasonable. When I was in business, I paid anywhere from 6% to 15% and thought I had a great deal. You are completely spoiled. I would be upset with BB&T if I knew they were giving out 3.25% loans. To tell you the truth, I am not completely satisfied with 4.75%. If a businessman can't make money on a 6% loan, my suggestion for that person is to go find an honest job.

    • How about the same reason the idiots thought they could afford mortgages on which they are now defaulting? Delusional beliefs in financial wherewithal is fairly common which why I would want to see financials before declaring some one/thing in good shape.

    • jams5006 Apr 16, 2009 2:12 PM Flag

      Did you not read noc message? If he says they are then I believe him. What reason would he have to bull@#$%^& .

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