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  • inflation1 inflation1 Apr 20, 2009 11:22 AM Flag

    Where are th supposed TOXIC assets?

    YOU claimed there were TOXIC assets. Yet, when another poster lists assets and asks anyone to identify the TOXIC ones you can't.

    You are full of hot air and express unfounded opinions and when challenged to prove those opinions cannot produce. The facts are there for anyone to see.

    Inflation Won

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    • dude, the toxic assets you have not seen yet, when prices must be met mark to market, they are toxic, so for now you guys get a stay of execution, but you can't hold it off for much longer, then you will know the definition of toxic assets -- your problem is your bank is not owning up to its toxic level, yet

      quit looking at the #s, those have spin on them, now look at the reality, the #s reported are skewed to show favor, yet the TARP tells a different story, and BBT is not on record of ever stating to congress that they do not need the TARP -- and the reason they did not go of record, is probably because they needed it?? Duh??

      now i am wondering about Wells Fargo, despite they went on record of stating they do not need the money -- if the mess gets worse, their balance sheet will be full of toxicity -- BBT is not alone

      ya know, there is a reason why these stocks were cut in half, and it is not because of the index falling, because banks make up the index -- they specifically are the problem

      can anyone understand a thing i am saying or am i talking to a wall

      you LONGS have made up your mind, there is no saving you guys -- why don't you go in and take each and every single loan, mark to market yourself, and see if they are toxic -- please remember to mark them at below fair value since no one is buying real estate with commercial real estate about to crash -- of course, that commercial real estate about to crash comment by me is of my opinion, but that is on top of the already cut in half price of the past 5 years

      i never seen investing done like this, when the sh1t hits the fan, you're suppose to run for cover until the all clear signal is given, but you LONGS think this is a short-term little pullback in a stock market from DOW 14,250 -- do you need to be injected with smart cells into your brains?

      i remember the good old days, buy when the market is stable, consistent, predictable, and climbing, knowing you were buying into a decent economy -- but those few investors are gone -- and the smart investors evolved into day traders and swing traders -- but there is no evidence on this board of that, except for a few

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      • Toxic assets are assets that cannot be priced. BB&T has none or very lttle of these assets. About 21.5% of assets are government backed securities. Not much risk of imparment there. About 73.5% are loans held for investment and not subject to mark to market accounting. That leaves under 5% that could be serious impared by Mark to Market. Given the conserative nature of BB&T management probably a very small part of that 5% is seriously impaired or cannot be priced (marked to market).

        U.S. government-sponsored entities (GSE)------ $ 1,080
        Mortgage-backed securities issued by GSE--------25,137
        States and political subdivisions----------------------2,282

        TOTAL goverment (Govt guaranteed) securities-----28,499 (21.54%)
        (any Mark to market on these investments should not be material)

        Commercial loans and leases--------------------------- 50,630
        Direct retail loans------------------------------------------15,263
        Sales finance loans----------------------------------------6,342
        Revolving credit loans-------------------------------------1,767
        Mortgage loans---------------------------------------------6,759
        Specialized lending----------------------------------------6,490
        Total loans held long term (not Marked to Market)--97,251 (73.49)

        Non-agency mortgage-backed securities--------------1,543
        Other securities---------------------------------------------- 937
        Trading securities------------------------------------------- 448
        Other earning assets------------------------------------------1,180
        Loans held for sale------------------------------------------2,473
        Total mon-transparent assets----------------------------6,582 (4.97%)

        (assets tha COULD contain toxic or impaired assets)

        Less than 5% of assets are likely to contain toxic assets with any substantial impairment. You argument is bogus. there are no source of huge amounts of toxic assets. You are a fraud. You cannot win this debate because the facts do not support you.

        Inflation won

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