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  • FunnieBucket FunnieBucket Jul 28, 2009 2:54 AM Flag

    One-Leg Down One-Leg Up

    S&P 500 LEVEL is about to go thru some movement, but the larger moves will be after the Month-Start-Buying period burns itself out and we will go back to the 956-923 area -- due to Month-End-Buying process, seeing the market hold up or recover off of sell-offs will be completely expected, unless there is significant news that changes that thinking

    but after it reclaims the 956-923 area, look for a new high on the market, and this one is going come from the ones that missed that last move up over 973, so they won't want to be left out, so they will buy it, thinking they got a second chance to get in from where they thought was a sell-point-possible-top-out-area, and even i said it was suppose to turn there, but i am smart enough to read the tape and see that is not happening and so jumping back onto the long was the right play and closing out the short for break-even or small profit was of no damage -- i clearly stated so before the moves, so if you followed my short suggestion, and then made the chance based on my adjustment S&P 500 postings, you are sitting real pretty making tons of dough once again

    i think they might even bump my salary a nickel above minimum wage this year after working here for over 25 years -- i wonder if they think i am worth it -- one can only hope so

    and so the money making funniebucket machine rolls on without any interruptions of printing dough off the press and right into the bank -- this has got to be pissing off all the people just dying on their last gasp breath to see me make just one mini-minor-infantile mistake -- they must be so depressed that they can't catch me in a single wrong yet -- i can hear they thinking it now, how come this guy funniebucket doesn't screw up just one time

    but folks, if you are not guarding your longs before a massive crash this entire way up, then you are going to waste your entire work of trading year for nothing -- i don't know exactly when the crash will happen, i have an idea on the level, but i need to see it approach and unfold so i can try to post it when it happens -- cuz you know i don't want to be wrong, but i will post it before it actually takes place -- then the non-believers will then say this guy funniebucket is the king of trading

    i wonder if BBT is above 22 yet

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    • i just happen to run across this old post...

      here is a follow up post more than a year later...

      the SPX is almost exactly on the precise # of the 75% rally off the MARCH 2009 LOW of S&P 500 LEVEL 667

      and REITs and CRE are selling at 20 times EBIDTA -- this is gonna be some crash, but there is no telling when it is going to take place, so show some patience

    • ok funniebucket, you were right, you have been saying this the longest time and it is truly impressive how great you trade that move to near perfection, you are the genius, and we did make it to the S&P 500 LEVEL 1099-1121 area as you said it would -- this terminates the thread of One-Leg Down and One-Leg Up as the end of One-Leg Up was the 1121 area

      the 1121 turn point is here, it is temporary, and we will see how much of a sell off we get from here and then we will be able to assess the next move -- although i would not expect a giant sell-off from here, i wouldn't be buying stock either -- the only longs that should be holding only 67% of the purchase they made from the MARCH 2009 LOW that i called to the exact # should be held for the higher #s that will eventually be coming

      look for the next message thread titled Some Weakness Here @ 1121

      funniebucket, can i get a picture of my son and you together? he is your hero

    • oh gee, 1099-1121 area, i wonder how i knew that was going to happen -- so here we are, the rest if a gimme putt

    • 1069 S&P 500 LEVEL is a minor resistance # -- if we take out 1080 with a close over 1080, then we are going toward the 1099-1121 area -- but folks, you need to keep a tight stop out if your long here due to the pattern possibility that the temporary pullback low may not yet be in and the 1007-992 area is still on the table -- 1121 is inevitable no matter what, so buying any strong pullback is a no brainer long entry trade -- but at 1121, it is time to eject some longs once again -- watch the USDollar as a possible hint of any reversal

    • for this message thread, the pullback we are presently in will bottom out at the anticipated turn point # and the short-term bear market rally is still intact with the pattern completely ready to attack the eventual 1121 next resistance point -- at 1121, this will terminate the one-leg up portion of the message thread and we will call the next one Top-Out 1121 -- at 1121, it is setting up to do one of the 2 possibilities -- so far it appears it will be a total top out and we will begin the crash, or it will retrace, then rally more toward 1228 area, but this is a preliminary call and it's not held, and it is nearly impossible to see what will happen just yet at 1121 because it is way too soon -- but as we approach, we will get a better handled on the after-pattern -- but once we reach or approach 1121, if you are not selling more of the long position entry from MARCH LOW of 2009, then you're a buy and hold forever investor, and you will feel the pain after the complete total top out of the bull market rally inside the secular bear market -- once we hit DOW 4,500 you will call yourself stupid for not exiting when the recovery market topped which you knew wouldn't last forever -- is our economy fixed? no. but is our earnings of the S&P 500 fixed for now? yes. stick with equities, but have an exit plan

    • as long as the world is dumping USDollars, the S&P 500 will not face a significant pullback and we are going to new highs -- commods will continue to run up -- do not short the market just yet -- we will get a pullback, but it will come from a higher level and the pullback will not be as severe as once thought -- as long as low interest rates are what the gov't is promising, then it's pretty obvious where this market is heading in the short-term -- but we will get a chance at a trader's short entry, so be patient

    • they have not damaged the upside pattern one bit with all the trying to press it lower, but it keeps making a mid-day recovery and closes well over the 1050 level, so it's going to the 1099-1121 area next

      get your hedge on if you are short, but you should not have gone short with hardly any size yet unless we closed below 1050, and since we didn't, you should be able to easily hedge that small short and get some longs on for the top-out of 1099-1121 area -- it's just too easy to see, as usual

      the greatest trader of all time lives! and his name is funniebucket!

      oh, and we are going to have a decent size pullback eventually, and it will make somewhat of a mark in the pattern -- the next question should be whether we crash from 1121 top-out, or do we do a pullback of something noticeable, and then go up to new highs toward 1228 area -- details will be held on my new message thread named Top-Out 1121 Area

    • ok, here is your new trading info that will make you money!!

      unless the S&P 500 closes below 1050, there will not be a pullback of any proportion and we will go up to 1121 -- but there i am a seller and willing to go heavy short -- scaling you sells into the approach of 1121 is a good idea

      and now you are armed and dangerous to unsuspecting traders

      you won't that kinda information that is key to trading the markets out of idiot inlet, but funniebucket is your savior! follow me to the cash!

    • just in case anyone is listening, we have some serious negative divergence building up in this cake and the predictability on the expected turn is non-existent -- the short-squeeze has no defined level -- with that said, if they convincingly take out 1073, look for the 1099-1121 area as the next turn point # -- i consider that one dangerous to longs as it is the 50% recovery off the MARCH 2009 LOW of 667 -- the odds do not favor us reaching 1121 before we face a 5-10% temporary correction, but even if we do have the small correction, we will still reach 1121 -- if we have the correction, jump on the short with some index ETFs and then reverse off the low and at 1121 top-out, yank out the longs and wait to see what i post at that time

    • well, once again, i was right, here we are, at the 1073 area -- but now we have a thorn in our side -- it's called a reduced volume rising wedge pattern and it's completing 3 down divergences which will now enter us into an uncertain price understanding -- that means if there is little volume, almost no money can still move the market up -- ya think Goldman Sachs is listening? -- the normal pattern would lead to a profit taking pattern, but we can not be 100% certain due to the ability to bully the index -- with friday being a lower volume day, anything can happen -- but next week could set up a mini-top, but if they don't take it lower, then look for the 1099-1121 area

      is everyone having a blast making money?!?!

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