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  • FunnieBucket FunnieBucket Aug 3, 2009 1:40 PM Flag

    One-Leg Down One-Leg Up

    yes, i am glad you are making tons, and i bet your getting laid too

    i bet everyone is on pins and needles wondering what i am going to do with the S&P 500 here and what i expect it to do -- well, since everyone knows me so well here, and most of the longs think i am a farce like BBT, maybe they can guess what i am going to do next -- after all, i have only hinted so many times on this message thread what to expect, do i need to say it again?

    everyone is holding their breath waiting for my next S&P 500 turn point # -- and believe me, so am i, and i am going to use it -- but this time i will not disclose it, cuz every long on this board says i am clueless, cuz they are pissed off, and yet they know i have been repeatedly saying don't touch BBT and stay long the market and play S&P 500 turn points -- and i have been right, and they have a hard time admitting it -- sometimes it hurts the ego to admit when someone else is right -- but i learned that years ago, and that has made me brilliant

    can anyone guess the next S&P 500 turn point #? -- let's see if any of you have learned anything

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    • i'll give you a hint -- anyone notice the Energy and Nasdaq points of action?

    • I would love to say you're right, but all I see coming from you are a bunch of smoke and mirrors like the market will go down if it doesn't go up. Someday if you would like to leave out all the mumbo jumbo and just give a direction with some figures, I'll be more than glad to give you your due if that'swhat you want. In the mean time good luck with whatever it is you do.

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      • since the TOP of YEAR 2000, trading has taken on an entirely different method -- and there are certain situations that pretty much explain themselves -- for example, we've had a 17 day run up in such short amount of time -- you can't be a trader if you don't know what to do with that move that just took place -- it's a gift handed to you right in your lap -- i specifically said do not chase the run up, but to begin to focus on the short at the top out turn point, anticipate a pullback, and then buy the pullback, cuz that pullback will have the ones that were left behind trying to get in on the move they missed, and we will have a second rally that will take out those highs once again and this next rally won't be much of a pullback until we reach the next level of the S&P 500 turn point

        the stuff you call mumbo jumbo, i call useful information, cuz it let's the trader read, see, expect, and anticipate a move with lots of warning signs -- if you're looking for a clear, cut, and dry exact # and direction, then let's just call the ultimate tops and bottoms of the largest moves on a yearly basis and forget the trading in between -- but i don't trade that way, i trade many variations of short-term and long-term trade positions -- heck, if that's where the money is, then i am going there

        just watch out here, the month-start buying process is about to end and a pullback would surely be in order without wrecking the overall pattern -- S&P 500 LEVEL of -- 1010 to 1015 have significance and the Nasdaq and Energy Markets are showing you an easy play is about to take place

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