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  • FunnieBucket FunnieBucket Aug 10, 2009 12:38 PM Flag

    One-Leg Down One-Leg Up

    can't you read? i said the market has met a turn point in the S&P 500 LEVEL at 1010-1015 -- do you need me to repeat it again, cuz i have only said it at least 5 times in the past week, so what's the problem -- go back and read it again -- i even said what would happen after that since nothing has changed -- instead of being so stubborn, go read it, track it, then when you admit it i am right again, then you can then trade it with confidence and enough conviction to make money -- it ain't me that's just making money, i am sure there are plenty of others out there doing it in a similar way, or if they don't know how to pick the pattern, then they just follow me, which i don't mind, that's why i post it here -- i'm not selfish, i spread the good ideas around

    to the traders out there today -- this day we have going is perfectly patterned and any rally should be met with resistance and selling -- not to mention that all the relationships that have been formed the past 6 months are still working -- GOLD OIL USDollar -- this is just too easy to see -- the bump up this morning into the 11am time frame at S&P 500 LEVEL 1010 was a gift short day trade or small swing trade set-up -- for the ones that caught it, enjoy it, i know i am

    the nasdaq is speaking volumes today, looks topping and rolling over for a little bit which will provide a pause and digestion of the gains since the MARCH LOW -- this is perfectly healthy for the set-up of the next rally -- see you all at the bank

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    • I can read just fine and I'm still having problems understanding your position at any particular time. If you want recognition on your calls or just to help us follow your ideas, you will need to be more explicit and timely. If you just want to make money then don't worry what we think. I would like to follow what you do, but it seems unamious here that no one can see where you are doing anything more than following what the market has already done. In any case I wish you luck.

    • Funnie, I had an internal price on BB&T by year end of the mid 20s. Looks like I was a little premature. The current state of national CRE problems is about the same as right after the Titanic hit the iceberg.....everyone still thought the ship was not going to sink, even though a 300 ft gash was under the waterline. CRE is the same, it could bring the DOW down 10%-15% in the next 4 qtrs...easy. This is just what happended in the early 1930s...big dead cat bounce and then 9 years of pain until WWII. Thoughts?

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