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  • sbolc69 sbolc69 Sep 20, 2009 7:35 AM Flag

    BB&T Bank Fraud Charges Coming N.C.

    Gosh, a typical response from someone stealing money from clients with this practice. Yes, that's what I believe is going on. I worked at the bank for 16 years and they took every opportunity to build a system to encourage overdrafting their acct. You my friend are just repeating the company line, in a weak excuse to justify this practice. The bank uses terms like available balance, current balance to confuse. It allows withdraws from accounts w/o funds just to charge the fee. It uses check systems as a way to ensure payment on these bogus fees, not a screen to keep fraud out of the bank. You have a lot of nerve taking a shot at this lady. You should be ashamed.

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    • Sbolc69,

      I never said I worked for BB&T and I never said anything about the morality of overdraft protection. All I said was that this person should keep track of the money they have in the account and then they wouldn't be writting bad checks that caused them to dip into the overdraft protection. Overdraft protection use can easily be avoided simply by keeping track of the money you have in your checking account. That is a simple but true statement.

      Now it seems like you are a disgruntled former employee and I would say that is probably coloring your view of things. Go to any of the top 10 banks in America by size and I will bet that all have a similar overdraft protection feature on checking accounts. From what I have read and seen it is a typical industry practice and is allowable by law. If you do not like the law than work to get it changed. That is your right as an American.

      I wish you a happy and healthy life and hope you are enjoying your current job.

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      • Amen to that... just typical liberal bs that it is not their fault they can't add/subtract and keep a correct tally on their account. Rules are rules. BB&t does not need that business.

      • Sorry, I assumed you did, cause that sounded so familar. I'm not disgruntled. I loved BB&T. But your dead wrong on the practice. Yes, all banks do it and it's still legal. That does not make it right. BB&T preaches business ethics, and this is in direct contradiction to any ethics I know. As far as trying to outlaw this, Sen Schumer of NY is talking about introducing a bill to forbid these types of deceptive loan practices. And that is what it is, lending small amounts of money and charging exorbinate fees to unkowing victims. I worked at the bank long enough to see how the system went from trying to cover the cost of clearing bad checks and handling special items to a hustle that cost us billions. Used to be clients had 2-3 checks clear a day at most. Now we have 10 items going thru daily with debit cards and when a mistake happens, it was not uncommon to see a $300-500 charge on someones account....

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