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  • thomaswarbucks Sep 19, 2009 12:56 PM Flag

    BB&T Bank Fraud Charges Coming N.C.

    My family is contacting the State Attorney General to recommend fraud charges be filed against BBT Monday. My Mother is unemployed and disabled. BB&T refuses to give her an overdraft account, will not issue her a credit line but they are more than happy to charge her $280.00 in fees for a $10.00 overdraft. The are compounding the "fees" by charging overdraft fees on the "fee" itself. Apparently NO ONE at BB&T has the authority to issue a credit and just accept the $10.00's plus one overdraft fee even when told that she will go without medicine this month to pay on their payment plan. We will be informing our church about this and asking the pastor to alert the members to blatant theft by BB&T. The "manager" even threatened her with the statement "you'll just never have a bank account again". Unbelievable! The members of our church comprise no less than 40 individual small businesses and BB&T will never get their business, I am also recommending that they do not provide any services to bank employees.

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    • briskweatheraficionado briskweatheraficionado Oct 19, 2009 11:41 AM Flag

      I haven't read through all the posts here, but I wish you perseverance and fortitude and success. Keep it up. Banks and financial institutions in general are out of control. The principle of "checks and balances" needs to be applied effectively, and that means better regulation, regulation not written by their minions.

      Anyone who pays attentions knows their forms, their terms of service, etc., are misleading and often designed to confuse and confound people, with feckless predatory intent. For a start we must have a standard set of forms which clearly, simply, precisely, in normal size print, state all fees and such ...

      Trust is essential for any well-performing society, capitalist and otherwise. Trust in many of our dominant institutions is eroding, and the consequences if unchecked will go far beyond what many may now imagine.

    • Sorry you have no case. Banks are for banking and folks have to be responsible. Churches are for charity and they should find a way to get your mom's medicine. Once, I told my pastor that we could not make our tythe because we were helping my parents with their medicine costs. He asked me how much I needed. My church helped pay for the medicine and my mom and dad were not even members of the church. Communicate again with the bank without anger and you may get a better result.

    • Usury used to a major sin. Now, it's an obsession for some, an obsession with plenty of clout. And it's a curse or epidemic to others.

    • highswag Oct 14, 2009 10:49 PM Flag

      Slander = What you are doing...... Read the paperwork your mother signed and maybe do something to help her with her financial troubles besides bad mouthing a bank that is doing exactly what it should do for people that do not follow the terms....
      Go to your favorite hamburger joint, plant a roach in your burger and then you have a better suit.... Oh right, you did that last year.....

    • Thomas, The reason the bank has to charge fees is to help defend itself against dipsticks like you who want to file ridiculous law suits. I am sorry about your mother, but where does her responsibility lie in this? Get a life!

    • Since BB&T is in multiple states, it sounds like you might need some help to contact the appropriate one.

      For NC

      for your current state of confusion, I could not find an appropriate web address.

    • Please stop beating this dead horse!

    • What you should do is PAY the 280 + 10$$ for your mother, close all accounts at BBT and move to a different bank. Do not hire an attorney. It isn't worth the hassle ($290)..... All you do is get deeper in s--t. Take this advice and help her out!!

    • lol

      Very timely article:

      "...Lest you think I'm a holier-than-thou jerk, I've overdrafted plenty of times. I did it when I was in a tight fix, when I needed cash to get through the holidays, or my car unexpectedly broke down. But I knew exactly what the penalty would be, and I sure as hell didn't expect a warning. I always felt that paying the exorbitant overdraft charge was kind of a shame enforcer, a rap on the knuckles that I totally deserved. But the politicians who want to lower these fees are teaching us that it's OK to spend what we don't have. (Isn't that what got us into this financial mess in the first place?) Maybe they should put one of those warning labels on your ATM card: "'For best results, have money before using.'"

    • dummutha Sep 30, 2009 2:45 PM Flag

      IMHO banks made a lot of money extending credit to clients who were border line in terms of repay. Let's not forget all the mortgages granted by banks for more than the equity in the home. Banks like consumers didn't foresee the loss of jobs forcing a downturn in profitability for businesses supported by consumers. The smart ones should have been the greedy bankers. I'm a taxpayer, I pay my bills on time and I resent my money being paid to bail out banks who should have known better!

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