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  • FunnieBucket FunnieBucket Oct 22, 2009 1:24 PM Flag

    Temporary Top-Out 1099-1121

    The Pause that Refreshes

    terminating the One-Leg Down One-Leg Up message thread as we have finally reached the 1099-1121 area of the S&P 500 LEVEL -- this will cause some money to be taken off the table and that is why we are seeing some set-back in the stock market for a little bit, but it will not be severe nor will it last very long -- shorting at 1100 area was the right move and i look to reverse off the short and go long for new highs that will eventually see the 1121 or a continuation from there

    SideNote: BBT is up the same amount in % as APPLE since their LOWS of MARCH 2009 -- its all about the INDEX pal!

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    • well folks, we got the rally and we broke out over 1121 and if you bought the pullback the past Temporary Top-Out 1099-1121 Area and went LONG any positions under 1100 to 1090 area then you were a winner like me -- i handed that gift right into your lap and there was no doubting the success of the trade

      this terminates the message thread and now we can post under "Seasonal Strong Time with Breakout"

    • a close below 1087 would damage the upside pattern, but if it does not close below that #, then buying is the coolest thing you can do on any approach into that area -- next target is 1156 -- look for minor support at the 1102 area -- if we do breakout over the 1121 area, this will end the message thread and start the message thread named "Seasonal Strong Time with Breakout"

    • i am not playing any LONGs on BBT, but if the index does move up, BBT should go along for the ride

    • I hear that just picked up some more Jan 2011 out of the money calls on BBT myself today.

    • the short-term oversold condition is working its way right into the palm of your hands for this rally they are setting up so perfectly

      some idiots over on the REITs message boards can't read too well as i am yelling get long on dips for the past few weeks and gave you all fair warning since my late NOV and early DEC message board postings -- don't miss out on this one setting up cuz it's going to be a gift trade -- yesterday and today's lows are great opportunities to add in pieces to the long entry for the seasonal upward bias move that is coming -- the sell off yesterday was a bit overextended, but clearly if you were prepared for intra-day bounces and swing trade accumulation, it can't get any easier than this

      if we close below 1081, then we need to reconsider the trade, but look for support at the 1091 area as well as the 1081 level -- that 1081 level can get a little sketchy this time, cuz if we come close to it, it's a sure add long entry play, but if it closes below it, then all bets may be off for the season upward bias last few days of the year-end and start of few days of the next year

      play smart and don't forget there is lots of intra-day swings that will available just like those the past few weeks, today being another perfect trading day to make a fortune -- massive overextend intra-day moves leads to temporary reversals

      unless the news is so huge, the pattern remains intact -- so go with it

    • people, note the FED EX Earnings, not good, and they are going to raise prices

    • great call there funniebucket -- how did you know the best play for the longs was going to be from a lower level before the year-end seasonal strength -- you are poetry in motion

      making more money here, as usual

      can't believe no one loves making money and tagging along as the game has gotten even easier than it ever has before

      the BAC naming of CEO is a joke -- C pricing their stock lower is another joke -- they systematically destroyed their own industry

    • low enough to see the DOW with the # 5 in the first digit

    • The market has been going sideways now for a month. The rally seems to be petering out. I think the question now is how low can it go.

    • the stand off is still taking place in the range of 1087-1119 -- the best play for longs could come from the lower end of the range and get long for the last few days of the year and into the first few days of the next year

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