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  • scarbrobill scarbrobill Mar 8, 2010 5:40 PM Flag

    CEO pay package for 2009

    From Atlanta Business Chronicle:
    BB&T profit down by 42% in '09, Kelly King's total compensation ROSE by about a million dollars. The stock dividend dropped about 75%; no justice for the little people.
    No info regarding the other upper echelon mgt.
    The big boys take care of the big boys.
    Shame, shame, shame.

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    • Same government BS position as in TARP, freeze the strong banks so the problem children will not look so bad by comparison. BBT did NOT WANT or NEED the TARP and would have not taken it but for federal paranoia. The 4th paragraph in the link reads:

      "Regulators are gun-shy at this stage, partly because they fear that giving the green light to healthier banks to return cash to investors would prompt demands from more troubled institutions to do the same," one senior Wall Street executive told the Financial Times.

    • all lower level workers can strike if they don't like it, but they don't -- double edged sword -- but it sure sends a message to the top management

    • For years I have said the same thing. Even in down times the big boys look after themselves .

      Naming rights to Ball Parks do nothing more than give the Top management sky boxes and private parking to the games at our expense. Its time we stock holders go to the meetings and raise hell with the way our money is being spent.

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