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  • dhrosier dhrosier Jul 20, 2010 11:57 AM Flag

    Delusions of grandeur

    Run the BBT compare graphs ^BKX, ^DJI, ^GSPC AND ^IXIC; also BAC, C, RF, STI and WFC
    (Yahoo symbols)

    Year-To_date - BBT up 5%, ^BKX up 10%, all the major indices down 2-3%. Yes, the broad base bank index slightly better than BBT for the period but that is distorted because so many other banks did not weather the current bank crisis as well as BBT and had (and have) more room for recovery. RF, C and STI both up slightly more than BBT YTD; BAC down about 10% and WFC in the same graph lines as ^DJI, ^GSPC AND ^IXIC.

    1/3/2007 to date - BBT well ahead of all but one of the individual stocks noted (WFC marginally higher), and the bank index ^BKX which is -60%. BBT is down more than the broad based indices ^DJI, ^GSPC AND ^IXIC for this period but this is a banking crises so what would you expect? For newbies, this period pretty much is the time of the current bank crisis.

    Max graph starts 1/1/1990 (^BKX around March 1993) - BBT has significantly outperformed all of the listed items with the exception of ^IXIC (essentially a tie) and WFC which has experienced about twice BBT's growth that period.

    Earnings: BBT earnings have remained positive at a time when many banks previously thought to be "solid" had losses, some even went bankrupt or got taken over mandated by regulators. Does anyone have an update on Wachovia?

    NOW, make your own decisions. The above is simply, very simply a statement of facts obvious to anyone who cares to do their own DD.

    My conclusions are my own, as yours should be your own.

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