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  • lookoutgrady lookoutgrady Oct 21, 2010 2:32 PM Flag

    3rd quarter results!

    I would have liked to see more forward looking statements.

    BBT always posts good numbers, not great, but good. Guess the street would like to see BBT more aggressive.

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    • On the dividend side, here are KK remarks - remarks aren't exactly straight shooting, targeted, purposeful. Kinda, maybe, hopeful sounding to me....

      "Kelly King

      Yeah, Kevin, that’s a major discussion issue for us, and probably most big companies. As you well know, dividend strategies are important to us, just because of our substantial level of retail clients. So you know, we want to be, frankly, one of the early ones to see some type of dividend increase. I would remind you that we have the second highest dividend yield in our peer group today, but we’re unlike a lot of our peers, because we were the last to cut, and we cut it only $0.15, and we already have a $0.2 ½ dividend yield, but I think you can begin to think about us being probably one of the earliest ones to raise -- our actual incremental rate may not be as much as others, just because of where we already are.

      That having been said, the issue, as you all know, Kevin, that we have to look at is we need to continue to see more clarity in the economy, I think you’ll see a lot better clarity after the election. At least from my point of view, I think you need to see continued, improved loan quality, trends we are seeing, but we still have to see this regulatory capital issue resolved, you know, around Basal III, we’ll be getting more information kind of almost by the day, but we need to kind of let them settle in on what that’s going to be before anybody can make a decision. So I’m pretty optimistic as we head into next year, or the next few quarters, we’ll be in a position to consider a small dividend increase, I think we’ll keep our yield at probably a very attractive level, relative to others, and we’ll just have to take it a quarter at a time. I don’t want to mislead anybody, the truth is, today we just don’t know. There’s still uncertainty. But it’s a lot more certain today than it was six months ago. "

    • You "glass half-full" ers must not have listened to the CC. OREO chunks being "recognized" at different valuation levels and puked onto market, with more to come. Florida? Texas? No JA? Yikes!

      Stock is at $22 for a reason, a lot of folks want out!

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