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  • cook.scott69 cook.scott69 Apr 1, 2011 5:04 PM Flag

    Kelly King is not the Sharpest Knife in the drawer.

    I read how smart Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos is. They said he's like a chess champion, always thinking several moves ahead. Kelly isn't stupid. He must be able to say the right things at the right time to move into such a position. I started thinking about Kelly when I read the article on Bezos. I am going to stay the course through 1st quarter earnings, and get out. Short term trading always has opportunities to make money, but if your a buy and hold investor, BBT is nothing but a follower in an antiquated industry. Dumb luck allowed them to dodge alot of bad loans, but that will only carry them so far. I think BBT is a good bank, but they don't have any real competitive advantage in the finacial sector to justify long term investing. They are a CD type investment.

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    • If the money were there we would get more in dividends. This Obama economy is not lifting all ships . There are parts of the economy that are improving , but the over all economy is crap . We need housing to make a come back to see dividends improve . People can buy cars ,tvs, cloths and food ,but buying a $200,000 home is out of the question right now . Our country is going the wrong direction and looks like we are in for another Obama term . God help us , please .

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      • God cannot help you...please stop the moralizing. In this economy you should never be invested in financials. You should be in precious metals and commodities. The only way the fiancial sector will make a meaningful improvement is if all govt supports are pulled, interest rates rise, and bank failures which should have occurred in 2008 take off. Then you buy at the bottom on whatever banks are left. Could BB&T be one of those? yes. But wait to get in.

      • with the economy as bad as it is - -Over 8% unemployed, HUGE DEFICIT, States going Broke - - - - OBAMA is RAISING A BILLION $$$$$ for his Re-Election???????
        FROM WHO????? SUSPICIOUS?????

    • I've been with BBT for a mighty long time, I guess if the good Lord allows me, I will continue to be with BBT for another long time.
      Glad that mgt is getting raises, dividends should be going up at the same time, but they are not. I'm not happy with the present dividends, but . . . .

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      • Scarbrobill: Are you smoking or drinking something mind-altering? You post was confusing. "You're glad management is getting raises but you are not happy with present dividends".

        Did you stop and think that the reason you are not happy with your dividends is because the managers that you are happy got raises haven't produced the earnings that could have resulted in higher dividends. According to the 2011 10-K, BB&T's annual diluted EPS peaked at $3.14 per share in 2007 and has since declined 63% to $1.16 per share in 2010. This is generally not the kind of financial results that is conducive to higher dividends.

        The past three years have been challenging for most busineses, I get that. However let's take the case of a commissioned salesman working for a family-owned and operated company whose product line did not sell well the past 2 or 3 years. The likely result of this scenario is: (1) the company's revenues what have suffered, (2) the owner-operators would have made less money and (3) the comissioned salesman's compensation would have declined, or he may have lost his job, arguably through no fault of his own.

        My point is that in small enterprises there is much more of a direct correlation between business performance and financial rewards for owners, managers and employees. It doesn't appear this is always the case at large companies.

        I don't think that doing better than your competitors in an industry filled with disasters necessarily signals performance deserving of increased financial rewards for the managers. Consider the train engineer who received a bonus for only derailing his east-bound train in the middle of Texas rather than crashing it off of a bridge over the Mississippi. The only thing that made his performance better was he hadn't yet reached the Mississippi. He still cost the railroad a lot of money, but he was not as destructive as the engineer who put his train in the river. The question is, because he produced better results than his competitor, did he deserve a bonus. I think not, what do you think?

      • Scar Bro is exactamo, if the good Lord is willing I too expect to be holding my shares until my children pry them from my cold stiff fingers but in the mean time it would be nice if the dividend would keep creaping on back up. 4 cents this year though modest beats a poke in the eye!

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